The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire (Dead in the City Series #4)

By Sara Humphreys

the good, the bad


He wants eternity?
Dakota Shelton is a vampire cowboy with a penchant for cinnamon lollipops and Johnny Cash. Though highly skilled and deadly dangerous to his enemies, he’s still a Texas good ol’ boy at heart. And he has that heart set on wooing Trixie LaRoux-the most badass punk rock chick in town-the old-fashioned way.

Over her undead body…
Trixie is tough as nails and sharp as a silver stake-the last thing she wants is a man to sit on a porch and not grow old with. So it’ll take going to hell and back fighting a new threat to vampires before she admits Dakota’s courtship makes her blood hum. Turns out chivalry’s not dead after all.


Sara Humpheys has created a world that immediately pulls the reader’s heart strings.  It was an emotional journey from beginning to end.  She built characters that are so different but they are so perfect for each other.  This is a crazy coven that have bumps in the road but the pieces end up fitting together.

Trixie a city girl who is as tough as they come.  She took a hard road through life and still follows her heart in every matter even if that means she making really tough decisions.  She is feisty and uses every opportunity to sass everyone.  I found her interesting in the way that she has a sassy facade that covers her complete vulnerability.  I am really glad that I got to know her story.

Dakota is a cowboy vampire with a journey of his own to take.  He is completely loyal to being a sentry to the coven he protects. He seems to be a classic cowboy but he is also hiding a secret. He finds Trixie attractive but then he finds out that she is his bloodmate and that puts a new spin on their relationship and he has to face some facts from his history.  He is a all around good guy that wants nothing more than to fix old wrongs.

Quote:  A familiar voice pulled her from her thoughts as she strode down the stone hallways of the Presidium’s underground facility, buried deep beneath Fort Tryon Park and The Cloisters in New York City.
“Well, smack my ass and call me Sally.”
“Okay, Sally.” Trixie rolled her shoulder and fought the buzz of attraction. “But you can smack your own ass.”

The Good, the Bad and the Vampire

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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