Fading Memories

by A M Willard



In this Mature Contemporary Romance, A.M. Willard brings you Fading Memories—a story about love, grief, and memories that slowly fade with time.

Isabel Nichols’s life changed in more ways than one through the years. As a young child, she experienced a loss that devastated her. It wasn’t until she was an adult that the universe around her shattered. In a twenty-four-hour time frame, she lost what she’d thought was her world. What followed was a year of mourning, a year of grieving, a year of darkness. Now, there’s one man who can show her the light.

Dakota Jackson left his life behind on a whim, moving to a beach cottage away from the big city where he grew up. He sees through Izzie’s clouds as he gets to know her, with the drive to be everything that she’s ever needed. The only problem is, Dakota holds the key to a secret that could ruin both of their hopes and dreams.

Passion isn’t always enough to heal a broken heart; love isn’t always enough to guide you through the darkness.

This is about two souls that were meant to be together from the day they were born. Two people who have to figure out a way to look past the memories. It’s the now; it’s living your life as you’re meant to, loving the one your heart craves. It’s about letting go of the grieving, learning to be who you are, and accepting life for what it is.

Can love cure all things despite its hardships?


My Review

This romantic tale is primarily about taking a chance with your heart on new love and regaining that strength to grab life with both hands.  This story for me started a little bit slow but perhaps that is how we are supposed to build up to the beautiful relationships of both friendship and also those passionate ones.

The intricate way the author brought us from the present to the past and back was really enjoyable for me, I did not pick the twists I knew there was going to be a “moment” but did not pick the secret.  Can I also say I had the hots seriously for Dakota, he was a man and really pushed Isabel towards the point of no return, with her friends help too, to get her where she needed to be.

Isabel’s friends were to me one of the best components of the story, the way they stayed true to their inner circle was beautiful.  Isabel’s need to cleanse her home I thought was in keeping with the whole storyline and in a sense you were there holding a paint brush so to speak and helping her move towards the goal and remembering and honouring her parents wishes.

If you love a romantic tale with a strong male character, great friends, happiness, sadness and a little bit of drama with old flames then you will enjoy this tale of finding and remembering your “Fading Memories”.

My rating: 4 Hearts

Fading Memories

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