Filthy Bastard

By Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield



She’s a poor little rich girl.

With a vindictive mother and an obsessed brother-in-law, all Adyson Sloan wants is a little freedom–for her and her sister. She dreams of having a little room to breathe and making her own choices. But when she’s kidnapped by the Grim Bastards MC, freedom comes at a much higher price. Terrified, but determined to get back to her sister, Addy’s plans are ruined when she falls for a bastard with a chip on his shoulder.

He’s a bastard without a heart.

Sergeant at Arms Brew Decker plays by his own rules. To him, nothing is sacred but the brotherhood. He lives and dies by the club and would do anything for them–even kidnap an innocent woman. After all, she’s merely a pawn in the bigger game. But everything changes when he meets Addy. Suddenly, he’d do anything for his captive.

Can love between a rich girl and a bastard survive without someone losing it all?
Each book in the Grim Bastards MC series includes an HEA and can be read as a standalone.
Dirty Bastard includes sexual situations and graphic violence. Not suitable for anyone under 18.


Brew is not a Bastard and he helps Addy believe she is not filthy – each gives the other a belief  they are worthwhile to have a shot at happiness and new beginnings – to let go of their tainted pasts and look forward to love and family.  

We get POV told from both Brew and Addy which helped connect both their stories together in making supreme sacrifices for their sisters and how their connection to each other was so intense and believable.

I really enjoyed the range of emotions thrown at the reader, it kept me guessing which way we were going to be taken, who was going to be made to pay for hurtful actions.  I shuddered with fear, it made me cry and I held high hopes of Addy’s and Alex’s dream of being safe and away from their parents coming true.

Alex simply stole my heart, the sisters relationship was so strong and beautiful to follow throughout this story, so glad we got to see Cam grow up and also how Addy and Brews relationship transpired into the future.  I wanted so much for Alex, I had her married off to Hack midway through this story, I dreamed big for her considering the awful way her parents had treated her and how strong and brave she was on Addy’s graduation night.  Fair warning their are some pretty intense emotional scenes that cover forced sexual encounters and also some graphic violence – in my opinion helped make this story really emotional and gave me closure for some characters.

Although you do not necessarily need to read Dirty Bastard which is Trix’s story (Addy’s college friend), I highly recommend you do as it is a great read too.  You also get to meet all the characters who return in  Filthy Bastard which overlaps a period of time covered in Dirty Bastard which is how Addy and Brew meet.

Filthy Bastard

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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