Falling into Drew

By Harriet Schultz



She stumbled. He caught her.
She didn’t know who he was until she saw his face in a magazine.

When New York book editor Kate Porter trips and falls into Drew O’Connor’s arms, she has no idea that the man with the drop-dead looks is an Olympic champion skier, the face of famous luxury brands, and a serial dater of models and actresses. Their attraction is immediate but neither does anything about it. He rides off on his Harley and she returns to her office.

The chemistry between them is undeniable when Drew’s agent brings his reluctant client to Kate’s office a few weeks later to pitch a book about his life. As they move forward, their sexual tension makes it difficult to maintain a professional distance. The relationship quickly heats up, but Drew’s fame, dark past, and a life-changing secret test their feelings for each other.


Drew and Kate are the main characters in this story but I must say I really enjoyed their friends Charles and Liz who would make a great book too. Charles was one character who really grabbed me right from the start and I would love to know more about his family connections.  Charles  and Liz as  supporting characters really helped cement the relationship between Drew and Kate – they were definitely their biggest cheerleaders considering all the obstacles placed in front of them.

The story flowed well, some parts were slow but I was just impatient to find out all their secrets. Drew’s past definitely puts a test on their relationship and not to mention all the girls who just want to get between the sheets with Drew.

Onto the sexual build ups and sex scenes, they were really well written and definitely helped believe Drew and Kate and their physical connections.  I did find Kate really emotional and in some parts she really overreacted considering the length of their relationship.

When Drew’s secret was finally revealed along with the extra OMG moment well that was my favourite part of the book.  Patrick was an interesting addition to the whole story and one I really loved.  Definitely enjoyed the second half of the book more than the first so keep reading it is well worth it in the end and you will not be disappointed.

I also love the cover.

Falling into Drew

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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