Falling For Flynn (Hockey On Tap # 1)

By Kate Willoughby



Tracy Duval has spent her life proving women can play hockey. From leading her college team to coaching little girls, she’s been a champion of the sport. But when a sexist ad for the Barracuda Fantasy Hockey Camp seems to exclude women, she signs up to teach the boys a lesson.

Retired NHL player Flynn Hammerstrom meets Tracy at the local ice rink and is immediately intrigued. She’s mature, confident, sexy—and hello, she plays hockey. He’s ready to settle down again and, after his tumultuous marriage, he’s looking for a woman who is high on fun and low on drama.

Unfortunately, even though he’s nuts about her, the drama he desperately wants to avoid flares up at the fantasy camp. 

And Tracy is smack dab in the middle of the fire.


FALLING FOR FLYNN is the first book in the Hockey On Tap series, which is a spin-off (of sorts) of the In The Zone series, but you don’t have to read that series in order to enjoy this story.

Flynn is a retired Barracuda who owns a bar with his fellow team mates, Cole and Slater, who I assume will get their own books.  He’s attending the Fantasy Camp in the hopes of expanding their business and falls in lust with Tracy at first sight.  Unfortunately, I was slightly turned off by the description of his hairstyle before he changed it.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t find it in me to consider a man sexy when he’s three quarters bald and wears what’s left in a ponytail.  I liked Tracy, who’s intelligent and giving; she’s an OB/GYN who spends her spare time coaching a young girls hockey team.  After some persuasion from her best friend and business partner, Naomi, she decides to take on the Barracudas and their sexist attitude towards women and hockey.  Flynn is her all-time favourite player, and I liked that she didn’t fan-girl all over him when they met, and that she stood up to him when he was being a jackass.

It was refreshing to read a story about a couple finding love in their forties, and I’m looking forward to reading the future books in this series.  FALLING FOR FLYNN is told in dual POVs and is a novella, so the story is short and sweet.  Personally I wish it had been a bit longer, perhaps including more time spent at the bar and a bit more backstory on Flynn and Tracy.

Falling For Flynn (Hockey On Tap # 1)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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