Echo (Archer’s Creek #1)

By Gemma Weir



I’m a Doomsday Sinner. A biker to my very soul. Women have always been the same – interchangeable. Until her. She loves my control and craves my touch. Now she’s mine. I’ve claimed her in every way possible and I won’t let anything, least of all her, tear us apart.


I was on the holiday of a lifetime, until I ended up stranded in Archer’s Creek. Then I met a badass, Harley riding biker boy who laughed at me. He’s a bloody pain in the arse. Bossy and controlling, he’s the unexpectedly perfect guy at the worst moment – because even the strongest love can falter when a crazed psycho decides I need to die. 


Firstly, the cover of Echo immediately drew me in and is perfect for him, I can imagine this biker from the first few chapters.

Echo is dominating to a point of at times I found him a bit too hard with Olivia.  I wanted to understand him more and at times it became too much with all the sex scenes.  This was prevalent in the first half of this story.  Moving onto the second half we get more under the skin of Echo and how he copes when Olivia is in danger and hurt.

Olivia, I connected to immediately and enjoyed her humour and stubbornness.  Her family was weird and slightly unnecessary.  I do not understand how they did not see her after the traumatic event?  This point in the book when Olivia is in danger is full of surprises and suspense and helped to keep me turning the pages.

The sexual scenes between Echo and Olivia were enjoyable however I wanted more verbal interaction.  The MC club plays a secondary role in this story, we meet members however the main focus is Olivia and Echo’s relationship.

I found the continual reference to use of condoms annoying at times, I found myself saying yes I know there will be no surprise pregnancy!

The ending was simple and lovely however I would have loved to know Echo’s thoughts on the new chapter in their relationship.

Quote:  So I fall and let fate catch me; after all, that fickle bitch obviously has plans for us.

Echo (Archer’s Creek #1)

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