Dance with the Billionaire

by Charlotte Eve

dance with the billionaire


We had a deal, remember?
I didn’t want a man in my life. I thought love was for losers, and all I needed to be happy were my friends and my dancing. But then, one Friday night, a gorgeous arrogant playboy called Dylan Campbell came crashing into my life and changed everything.

At first I hated him. I thought he was a spoiled, entitled asshole. And he was – at least at first. But then he turned out to be so much more than that, too. Because he taught me who I really was – awakening desires inside me that I didn’t even know existed.

He taught me about love and life, and maybe I taught him a few things, too. And now everything has changed. Because now he owns me completely …

From the author of the Taming Blake trilogy comes this brand new standalone novel about an aspiring dancer and the playboy billionaire who captures her heart. Due to a number of SMOKING HOT scenes of an adult nature, this novel is only suitable for those aged eighteen and older …

My review

Dance with the Billionaire is also a dance with your sexual frustrations, I mean by the time we get to the chair scene I was panting to get some relief just like Julia. Really for a virgin she was very sexually aware of her own body and being able to literally rub herself against Dylan to get off was stamina at its best and also a lesson in restraint.

Now I have to say, I really think this story would have exploded to amazing heights if we were given a few POV chapters at pivotal moments from Dylan because as a character he did not do it for me until they went away on a holiday together.  I needed to know what made him change his mind through the book, we do not find out his “moment” until then.  What did he do at work during that first week – was he thinking of her? How did he approach her friend regarding the funding? How did he introduce Julia to her family?  What made the butler love Julia the way he did to be rooting for her in his corner so to speak?  As you can tell I have so many questions regarding their relationship that the book did not give me – argh!

The other thing that did my head in was the fact Dylan is this sexual god and enjoyed the domination/role playing but then could not tell that Julia was a virgin the first time they had sex?  Sorry that did not work for me, perhaps again another POV from him, did he realise and not say anything to hurt her feelings.

I really enjoyed the last quarter of this book, the characters really came together and I also would have loved to know more about his family, to all of a sudden have a chapter where she is sitting at the dinner table with his family but have no build up – I was a disappointed – wanted to know more about the relationship between his sister and Julia too.

So I think in all, I really loved the general storyline of this romance story but wanted more detail and perhaps more chapters so I could totally immerse myself in their romance story.

Can I say I loved the way this book ended – was really a great way for the characters to move forward.

Dance with the Billionaire


My Rating:  3 Hearts

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