Double Trouble

By Sierra Cartwright


One love. One obsession. Double the trouble.

This time, he won’t take no for an answer.

For three years, Daniel Armstrong has wanted the beautiful, fiery Bridget Kelly. But when he sees her at Houston’s premier BDSM club and realizes she has an interest in submission, his determination reignites. A charity auction provides a means for him to possess her and do good at the same time. Who could resist? Focused solely on Bridget and the decadent delights he intends for her, he outbids everyone to claim her.

Helpless, trapped by the glare of a spotlight at an auction she never agreed to participate in, Bridget is stunned when bidding for a weekend with her goes higher and higher.

She’s frantic when she realizes the gorgeous, successful Daniel Armstrong has won her. For years, she’s been attracted to the renowned heartbreaker, but she’s kept him at a distance to protect herself.

Then one night, she sees him at a BDSM club, and there’s no doubt he recognizes her submissive tendencies. Now that the devastating Dom knows her naughty desires, she’s doubly determined to avoid him.

When he claims her, she believes things can’t get worse. Then he introduces her to his identical twin, Jacob. Suddenly, she’s faced with not one, but two men determined to make her every fantasy come true and take her to the heights of submission.


Double Trouble I thought had everything that would make a hot, steamy and highly connected menage romance. Twin brothers and a stubborn and independent woman having a wild weekend away together.

Whilst I enjoyed the overall story I have to admit that I found it hard to connect to the leading lady, Bridget. There was a moment in chapter 11 where she showed her depth of emotion and feeling for the guys and I was thought we were finally turning a corner. She was devastated with the way Daniel ended the weekend and I too felt incredibly sad for her.

The guys Jacob and Daniel were characters easy to connect with and their brotherly banter was a favourite part.

The story flowed very quickly, perhaps too much towards the end as it did feel slightly rushed. I would have enjoyed seeing how these three business people moved forward in their lives together juggling their BDSM lifestyle.

Being a BDSM story there was plenty of intense erotic scenes however I felt there was not enough after care. Perhaps that is where we may have seen more emotional connection between the characters. I really wanted Daniel and Jacob to show more loving care to Bridget and not all the time their Dom tendencies.

If you are looking for a quick and easy BDSm read you will enjoy Double Trouble.

Double Trouble

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