Road to Victory (Dogs of Fire #5)

By Piper Davenport


Kimberly Church has led a privileged, but tortured life. In an effort to beat back her demons, she breaks away from her villainous family and creates a stable and safe life for herself, shutting all but her best friend out.

Aidan “Knight” Quinn is a well-respected and deeply rooted soldier in the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club. His dedication to helping animals leads him to a career as a veterinarian, but meeting the gorgeous and wholly unattainable friend of one of his brothers, threatens to distract him from his current path. Not realizing the dangers that truly lie ahead, he pursues her with an intense passion that surprises even him.

When Kim’s deep dark secret comes back to haunt her, will she trust Knight enough to let him save her?

Will Knight be able to beat back the biggest demon of all in order to save Kim’s sanity, but most importantly, her life?


Finally we get Kim’s story – loved her and Dani’s friendship in book 1 – what a Road to Victory Kim takes with Knight!

We followed Kim in the earlier books of this series and I knew her story would be a hard one emotionally but it was so rewarding to find out the “real” Kim and I love her even more.

It’s amazing how it can take one person to change your life, give you peace and protect you, Knight is the man for Kim it just takes her a long time to realise this. During their story we jump ahead in time and I felt as a reader Piper did this at appropriate scenes to enable you the reader to see how they grow as individuals.

Knight is younger than Kim, she needs to deal with that and how as a woman you can worry about growing older than your man. I think Knight is an old soul, wiser than his years and when he shows Kim she is worthy and a champion with her passion being horses then it all falls into place.

Again we also the couples from previous books, was great to see Mack, Ace, Hawk & Booker move in and out of this story. I really love these guys and whilst this MC series is not as hardcore as others the author Piper still delivers a great romance with mystery and action but also with some humour.

Road to Victory (Dogs of Fire #5)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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