Doc’s Ember

By G M Schubert

Doc's embe


~Doc  When Ember walked out on me I was ready to be put to ground. I barely gave a f*ck what happened to me before, but after she left, I didn’t care at all. The brothers always knew me as a hard ass with no feelings, which only got worse after she left.
The night I ran into her at the Dungeon, those feelings of pain, love, and lust returned in an instant. Then I found out about our son, and the pain I had been living with for the past five years blew up, with no one to blame but her.
When I find out the truth of why she left, no one will be safe. ~Ember
I thought that what we shared was in the past, leaving me with the most precious of gifts, my baby boy, Vincent. I came back to be closer to my father and thought that no one would notice I was back.
I was wrong.
As soon as I saw Doc again, all the feelings from the past came rushing back, I lost my heart to him on the spot, for the second time in my life. He is so angry and upset with me for leaving, but I had my reasons, and he will never get an apology from me for that.
When he finds out the truth, no one will be safe from him.
Not even me.


Although not linked, this is Doc’s story who is part of the Devil’s Iron MC and whilst they say you do not have to read Pearl and Tank’s story I think it would actually help.  I became lost during the centre of this story when other characters came into the story and I pushed through only because of one character as that was Ember – I needed to know that her and Doc got back together – the secret had to be revealed.

Ember is strong, determined and totally selfless especially for one person, she makes a sacrifice for her own safety and what she goes through is really brutal.  There are some pretty harrowing scenes in this book and considering some of the MC stories I have read this was really gritty but so well written particularly in those physically intense parts with her ex partner.

Doc I found odd, I could not understand how he could lose Ember and allow her five years out of his life, he was older but definitely not more mature.  The miscommunication between Ember and Doc just really annoyed me especially considering he knew that she had been attacked the day she left – he just spits the dummy for five years ???

As I said I did get a little confused and bogged down especially when Pearl was introduced and I kind of got lost, perhaps if I had read Pearl’s story then it would have made a bit more of a connection to me.

Doc’s Ember

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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