Dirty Deeds

By Jacqueline M Sinclair & Geri Glenn


My life had been going just fine until the night I met him. He was darkness, sex, and danger, all wrapped into one perfectly muscled package, and he had his sights set on me. But that same night, everything I knew about my life was turned upside down. One glimpse of Trick’s tattoo, and the memories consume me. That’s when my anger was born.

Someone in his club killed my parents, and I had watched it happen. I can’t remember much, but I will stop at nothing to find out who that someone was, and make them pay. Getting close to Trick is the only way to do that, but he’s loyal to his club. As things heat up, conspiracies are revealed, and I’m about to learn just how deep those loyalties run.

From the instant I laid eyes on Tori, I wanted her. And for the first time ever, I find myself having to work at getting close to a woman. She’s mysterious and gorgeous, and I never quite know what she’s going to do next. She’s fascinating, but something’s not right. Something is holding her back from me. Something I intend to find out.

But then she does something crazy. After she accuses my club of being responsible for the death of her parents, I know I should cut ties with her. I have a responsibility to my club—to my brothers. But what if she’s telling the truth? I’ve introduced her to them, and that means she’s now in danger. As a member of Satan’s Wrath, I have to let this play out, but how can I protect her without going against my brothers?


Firstly the cover rocks and I can totally see Tori and Trick and their passionate connection – love it and I also thought having both characters POV helped with the intense story.

Dirty Deeds to me was more a mystery/suspense than a biker romance story and I enjoyed the overall storyline.  Tori’s story began strong for me, I felt her chemistry with Trick from the first few chapters and it gripped me by my heart and I wanted to find out who were the true bad guys.  I did not guess all the connections and I loved that so many secrets were revealed and then the true heroes for Tori stepped up when she needed them.  What I enjoyed was the drip feeding of the hidden mystery story, I had suspicions for characters but was not sure so kept turning those pages and the violent scenes created great suspense and drama.

I really enjoyed the friendship of Tori and her cousin Spencer and that Tori was really independent.

The flashbacks for Tori’s story were thrown in at the right times and kept me intrigued and the sexual chemistry and passionate scenes between Trick and Tori were really well written.

I also could not pick the change in authors and their writing which was great as some books I have read by two authors you could pick the difference and change in characters, in this case I could not so well done.

Dirty Deeds

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