Digital Velocity (McAllister Justice Series #1)

By Reily Garrett


The deadliest weapons are the ones we never see. Keyboard prodigy, Lexi Donovan has risen from teenage orphan of the streets to complete independence with little help along the way. When a friend is threatened, Lexi sends an anonymous message to police, leading to a firefight that leaves a cop wounded. Detective Ethan McAllister’s well-ordered life turned upside down the day an obscure text message led to a sexual predator’s identity and arrest. Since then, Callouston PD’s finest can’t trace the elusive hacker sending him tips. The latest text leads him to a brutal mutilation and a riddle indicating the identity of the next murder victim. The dark net houses a playground for the morally depleted and criminally insane. When Lexi discovers a killer’s digital betting arena, she finds herself centered in the cyber stalker’s crosshairs, a psychopath bearing equal talent. Street life strengthened her while toughening her protective shell, but nothing could shield her from the shrewd detective forging a path to her heart.


Digital Velocity is a story of a socially awkward girl who can make a difference in the world. Lexi is extremely smart and talented.  But she has been given a tough road through life. Ethan has been on a different path but is extremely ambitious and wants to do good for the world.

In this book we get to see where their relationship has evolved to since they first got started in Tender Echoes. Lexi has been feeding information to Ethan about a serial killer but she hasn’t realized the can of worms she has opened.  She has worked hard to cover her tracks but when Ethan gets injured because of her she has to make sure he is okay.

Ethan is a great detective who has made it his mission to keep Lexi safe. After she reveals herself to him, he becomes aware that she will put herself in harms way if she thinks that she can find the person who is committing all of the murders. And the dominant side of his personality will not stand for it.

I really like where Reily Garrett is taking these characters.  She has written a really good murder mystery that allows Lexi and Ethan’s relationship to take off.  I love Ethan’s bothers and sister. And I also love how that allows Lexi to enter into a family.  Reily really made Lexi’s introduction into his family believable for me.  And Lexi allowed herself to have faith that Ethan would not let her down. I can’t wait to see where Reily takes this series!!!

Digital Velocity

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