Devil You Know (Butcher Boys #1)

 by Max Henry
 devil you know



How do you define it? I guess it’s up to the individual. Love can be a sweet gesture of flowers on your anniversary. Love can be a meal waiting at home after a long day at work. Love can be a gentle caress. Or the unspoken words in your lover’s eyes.

Love isn’t a backhand, given because of a warm beer. Love isn’t wearing long-sleeves to hide bruises from the ladies at the supermarket.

I thought I’d never experience love. Such emotion didn’t seem to fit with what I had—who I was.

But he stepped in, and showed me his.

He pulled me from the dark abyss I had lost myself to, and showed me the simple things which could bring such joy. Sun on my face. The smell of fresh coffee. Colours in the autumn leaves. All the little things.

He shows me these things, but he doesn’t share in them. He knows happiness, but he doesn’t feel it. He will give love, but never accept it.

He saved me. Now it’s my turn to return the favour

My review

Honestly I have a little secret, I was searching through ibooks and saw this cover and BOOM pressed download!!!  How hot is that guy I mean geez – hot flush material right there.

I did scan a few reviews and it seems either people love this or did not enjoy it in the fact they did not get Malice – yes he was intense but rightly so.   So I  simply LOVED this story, the Devil You Know and what a journey you are taken on,  fair warning it is a touchy topic (domestic abuse) but it was told in such a way that it did not feel glorified, you were taken through the process and really it was interesting to read the emotional level we were given from Jane’s perspective and her mechanisms to cope.

I just fell in love with Jane and her strength and determination and well Malice what can I say, a man of few words but his actions definitely speak louder and needing to know his story kept me turning those pages.  I am a dog lover so Max Henry had me in her corner with the way she entwined Rocco into the new relationship that was Malice and Jane, the way that dog became the core to keeping them connected at the beginning was a beautiful thing for me.

The sex scenes you encounter are romantic & sympathetic to Jane but then also we end up with frantic, intensely hot and down right erotic that give you those goose bumps.

Malice and his group of butcher boys just made me want to love these guys and I will be picking up all their stories as the author Max Henry will not doubt give us.  These guys are family, they are brothers who know each others weakness and made their lives the best they can with each others support.

I really enjoyed the dual POV as we got to learn how both Malice and Jane were dealing with their personal issues along with trying to forge a new life together.

I have already added Devil On Your Back (Butcher Boys #2) to my list of books to read for August – I have a feeling Book #2 is going to give us an incredible ride.

My rating: 4 Hearts

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