Destiny Mine (Tormentor Mine #3)

By Anna Zaires


Fate made us enemies. I made us lovers.

In a different world, we were meant for each other.

This is not that world.

Note: For optimal enjoyment, it’s recommended you read the Twist Me trilogy prior to starting this book.


Not my favourite of this series, however, it is a must read to understand where the final book of the series will go.  Just the Epilogue leaves your aghast as to how the final book will play out.

I felt such loneliness for Sara as she waited for Peter.  The frustration that Peter felt and the build-up to the event that allows him to return to her left me a little deflated.  It really did seem to happen so easily after all that build up of being an impossible and dangerous exercise.  

My main problem with this story upon reflection is that Peter and Sara are separated for so much.  I love their chemistry and emotion when they are together in the story.  So I am putting that down to why this was not my favourite, I still enjoyed it but it did not set the sky alight.

Destiny Mine (Tormentor Mine #3)

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