December (Calendar Girl # 12)

By Audrey Carlan

BR December 2


Mountains, miracles, and marriage. 

I had no idea what to expect when the producers of Dr. Hoffman sent me to the pristine white mountains of Aspen, Colorado. As the town of Aspen is known for being a winter haven for uber-rich Americans, I knew this desert cactus was going to be way out of her element. The ace up my sleeve however, was a high-class movie-making surfer whose family owned a cabin in those snowy hills. With him by my side, I’d make the most out of the experience. 

The job was assigned under unusual circumstances. An anonymous mountain man paid a hefty fee to persuade the producers of my show to send me out for a segment on local artisans. Suited up in my parka and Ugg boots, I put the warmth of the California sun in the rearview mirror and headed to a winter wonderland. 

With my newfound family in tow, I was prepared to celebrate the best month the year had to offer…until the one woman who drastically changed my life all those years ago appeared like a shadow out of pure frosted air, shattering my soul all over again. 


After eleven months, we have reached the end of Mia’s year-long journey in DECEMBER.  A series finale can be really hit and miss and I’m sure it’s very hard for an author to write.  Everything needs to be closed off, yet done in a way that will make their readers as happy as possible.

What are my thoughts on this finale?  I liked it, but I was left a little disappointed.  Despite the “Where are they now?” portion at the end⎯which ties a nice bow around every character from the series⎯I thought the story was unfinished in regards to Mia’s parents and the lie behind why she was sent to Aspen.  Given the revelation revealed in DECEMBER, I think the story needed to be longer and fleshed out more.  Mia’s anger is totally justifiable in my opinion because out of all the siblings, she was definitely the one hurt most by their mother’s actions.  But the most important thing is that Mia and Wes got their HEA in the form of their New Year’s wedding that went off without a hitch.  So long Mia.  It’s been fun.

December (Calendar Girl # 12)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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