Into the Darkness & Into the Light

By Kat T Masen

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My Review

Witty, Romantic, Heart Wrenching, Charismatic Characters, Erotic, Dominating and loyal Friendships.  I have read this series in like three days, as soon as I finished book 1, I turned and picked up book 2 and kept going!!  I needed to stay with Lex and Charlie, their love story was just so powerful, heart breaking and climatic to the end.  My heart was struggling to comprehend the darkness they had to endure before the light – just breathtaking.

Loved their friends, they were simply a crazy bunch of different souls.  Can I commend the author for Bull and Rocky, my god finally a book that has a loving married couple who are horn bags and do it more than the missionary style and mix it up and just love each other to bits.  I could read a whole book on those two – hint hint!

I note there is a novella on Julian which I really want to read as I felt for him but true love is true love.

One of the best things about this book is the friends and their sex talk, there are some priceless scenes that will have you laughing out loud. I loved their sex face talks, one-eye monster stories, jizz running down your legs, wet panties and understanding the need for a quickie, being a blow job or up against the wall – great sex scene writing by the author.

Only negative for me was Eric, I found him a bit annoying at some stages of the book and then other parts he shone like the angle I am sure the writer was trying to portray him as.  Whilst I also loved how we enjoyed both POV in the books, at some stages it annoyed me as I really wanted to keep going forward and not returning to certain scenes and learning each others perspectives.  Some POV I found probably we did not need or just could have been a bit shorter.

The author is also Australian which is pretty cool and a lovely surprise.


Into the Darkness & Into the Light

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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