His Dark Canvas (Corde Noire Series #3)

By Alexandrea Weis



Ella Winston is a talented chef with a problem–the slightest touch can reveal anyone’s darkest secrets.
Hired to cook for the artist, Ren Plancharde, she struggles to keep her ability under wraps.

After accidently uncovering Ren’s underground activities, the eccentric painter offers Ella a glimpse into his world of pleasure and pain. Intrigued, he decides to make Ella a part of his sinister Corde Noire Society, but his chef isn’t quite ready to commit.

Absolute submission isn’t all Ren wants from the stubborn woman. He has big plans for her gift, too. The only question is … will Ella be willing to give in to his desires when the time comes?

The darkness within can hide a lifetime of secrets.


Ren and his erotic canvas work, what a dark and mysterious man he was and his intrigue gripped me from the first few chapters.

Ella was a fantastic female character, she was independent, passionate not only for her food and her story I really liked, she definitely connected with me on so many levels – she hid herself behind her work where she felt safe and secure.

Ella and Ren’s physical scene’s were hot, sensual and erotic – just perfect for the environment they were in, hot in the kitchen and creative in the artist studio.

I had my heart in my mouth when she was presented to the Corde Noire society, I actually thought it might have been more explosive and passionate than what it was – was it wrong I wanted her to shake and cry?  I wanted Ren to grab her, protect her and profess his undying love .

We got heartache and happiness, new beginnings and more of the mystery from Book 2 with some answers being revealed along with characters from Book 2 making an appearance.

His Dark Canvas (Corde Noire Series #3)

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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