Dark Attraction

by Alexandrea Weis



Sam Woods has a secret.
She keeps it hidden from the world … the world of the living, that is.
When Doug Morgan moves into her apartment building, Sam is intrigued by her sexy new neighbor. She struggles to keep her ghostly ability from him, but Doug isn’t interested in her spiritual sense. He’s after something much more … sensual.
A Dominant with dark tastes, Doug offers Sam a glimpse into his world. He invites her to take part in an experiment to explore the extremes of pleasure. Seduced by his lifestyle, Sam agrees. There’s just one little catch … Doug also has a secret. Someone Sam never saw coming.
Sometimes, the dark side of pleasure can turn deadly.

My Review

This is Dark but has some intense moments of light and love that it had me hooked from the first few pages.  Sam’s gift was an interesting component of this story and one that I have not come across especially when involving a BDSM line of sexual encounters but strange as it sounds it actually really worked for me.  I put that down to Sam and her characteristics and then also Doug who is very acceptable of all things out of the ordinary but then his sexual and dominating needs probably make him more open minded than most.

Their relationship and the way it progressed really had me enthralled so much that I simply could not put this down.  I also became really engrossed in the way Sam came out of her shell or perhaps the way Doug helped her accept her ability for what it was and let go of all the baggage.

Only part of this story I found strange was Nathan Cole and then the mystery in Sam’s apartment at the end of the story – it kind of did not fit for me – just my opinion.  Also we met her good friends at the start of the book and then they kind of dropped off out of the story.

Dark Attraction

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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