Cruel Temptation (The Covenant Series Volume 2)

By Betty Shreffler

cruel temptation


The war is over. The rogue vampires dispatched. As a full-blood vampire and sorceress, Kayci Pierce finally feels safe. Her focus now set on how to run the Covenant and best protect her species. The next-in-line, Lycan clan leader shares Kayci’s vision—but his captivating and sexy brother, Cassius McCabe is a distraction Kayci can’t afford. New threats surround Kayci as she navigates unfamiliar territory and feelings she can’t hide. Will temptations destroy her and everything she’s worked for, or will love be enough to pull her back from the edge?


Cruel Temptation is the continuation of Kayci’s story. It is an emotional journey from beginning to end.  Now that she is a full vampire sorceress everything should fall into place but as she takes her place leader in the Covenant many obstacles unfold from inside and outside forces.

Cruel Temptation begins with Kayci trying to take the Covenant to the next level by inviting the werewolves and witches to join.  This is a brave move because there are many unknowns with all three groups in the same room. As everyone arrives and starts talking in walks the next in line Lycan leader and his sexy brother, Cass.  Kayci works hard to fight her attraction to Cass because she is in love with Adrian.

It’s on the trip to see leader of the Lycan clan that she is forced to explore her feelings for Cass and Adrian.  While she is in Colorado she learns that she has opposition from many sides, and she goes from a high to a low.  It is here that she starts to learn about herself as a leader and will shape her growth.

I couldn’t put this book down.  Betty Shreffler has a way of writing that is very visual for me.   I loved the introduction of the new characters even though I’m team Adrian.  Adrian is the protector that we know him to be.  Elise is the awesome best friend that helps Kayci keep her humanity.  And Rosemary adds the mother figure that Kayci needs in guiding her as a leader.

In book two, again, the action doesn’t stop when you think it does.  Book three is set up perfectly and I can’t wait to see how Kayci is going to deal with everything in her personal life and in her leadership role.

Cruel Temptation

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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