Cross (Devils Nightmare MC)

By Lena Bourne



I’m the guy whose name brings fear into the hearts of even the hardest men. They call me Cross, because I’ve killed enough men to fill a cemetery, and I never saw any problem with that. Until a woman, I hardly remember brought my eleven-year-old daughter that I didn’t know existed, to my doorstep and left her for me to take care of.

At first, my daughter was a complication I didn’t need, but now I’ll do everything I can to raise her right. I’ll even stay away from her hot-as-sin guidance counselor Roxanne, who makes me feel like I’m twenty again, and not pushing forty. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t show her what a real man can do with a woman like her.


My father was the president of an outlaw MC, and until I turned twenty-one a world of bikers, mayhem and crime was all I knew. Then a rival gang destroyed it all, killed my family and everyone I held dear, and made me the property of a brutal, ruthless man. I ran away, got an education, and haven’t looked back.

Now I’m the guidance counselor at a small town junior high school, my old life so far behind me it might as well be someone else’s past, and I was happy to leave it there. But then I met Cross, the bad boy biker father of one of my wayward students. He makes me yearn for the life I lost, crave all the excitement that used to be my everyday. Makes me want to be a bad girl again, if only for one night.

But I won’t go down that road again. It doesn’t lead anywhere good.

Cross: Devil’s Nightmare MC is biker romance novel, which contains steamy sex scenes and deals with disturbing themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers. Intended for 18+ audiences. 


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cross and it was my first book by this author. Beginning with a traumatic event for Roxie and entwining to current day with suspense.

It was fantastic to follow as all the pieces of the puzzle started to form.  Paced perfectly and kept me entertained and wanting to turn those pages and not leave the characters.

Their romance has a slow build up at the start as Roxie really fought the pull of returning to what she grew up in.  Cross was definitely the alpha male protector for her.  Roxie has a great inner strength and her trauma as a young girl was intense.

The relationship with Cross and his daughter was an interesting inclusion.  I thought the whole Motorcycle group of characters around Cross provided great support to the story.

My favourite component was Roxie’s family history. I loved how Cross stepped up with his Motorcycle group and repaired her life.

Finally, it has a great balance of romance and action that will keep you entertained until the last chapter.


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