Crash: Part 1

By Bex Payne

BR Crash


When Kyry Kalon witnessed her boyfriend’s cheating ways with her own eyes, she decided a much needed visit to her Aunt’s mountain side cabin was in order. But she never thought the weather would turn so bad. When she looses control, her car crashes trough the thick pines, down the side of the snow covered mountain.

Waking up with on a warm leather couch, with a concussion and a raging headache, she never would image the man doctoring her wounds would be one of the most famous, gorgeous men on the planet.

And she never in her wildest dreams thought he’d find her so tempting…


Crash: Part 1 is a very quick read, a debut novella from Bex Payne which took me about an hour to read.  And there’s not much to say about the book since the synopsis pretty much says it all.

Kyry flees to her Aunt’s cabin after she witnesses her boyfriend cheating on her.  But a freak snowstorm hits while she’s driving and she crashes into the backyard of Kell’s Hell lead singer, Reyin Kell.  He rescues her and tends to her injuries while she’s unconscious.  When she wakes up, both act on their mutual attraction very quickly, but a misinterpreted text message sends Kyry secretly leaving his cabin on foot, with the story to be continued in Part 2.

While that’s the gist of the story, there is more background provided.  The band is made up of five brothers, all of whom were adopted along with their sister and they are not related by blood.  Their father was killed a year before by a drunk driver and the driver was never caught, so I’m not sure if this will become a part of the series or not.  I’m not sure if each sibling will get their own books, but I’m assuming they will since they’re all currently single.  And I can only assume that the Crash series will revolve solely around Kyry and Reyin’s relationship.  It had quite a bit of humour in it surrounding the brothers, but Kyry was funny and held her own during the embarrassing introduction to two of Reyin’s brothers.

I’m not sure when the next book comes out and if it too will be a novella, but I would read it.  Crash: Part 1 definitely peaked my interest.

Crash: Part 1

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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