Chasing December

By E. Montgomery

BR Chasing December

If you’re looking for a very quick and light read, Chasing December is for you.

After a couple of bad dating experiences, December has decided to give up on dating and men for the time being.  Wanting to do what she loves, she cashes in her savings and opens up a specialty candle shop.  When Chase (what a sexy name) enters the store looking for a Christmas gift for his sister, the pair can’t take their eyes off each other.  After some interference from her sister Lumi, December agrees to have coffee with Chase.  And so begins their romantic tale.

Chase:  “Hi, I’m Chase.  I’m from a big city, I like chocolate, I have a dream of one day becoming a writer, and I don’t fold my socks sometimes,” he paused to lean closer as if someone would hear his darkest secret, “I eat peanut butter out of the jar…without a spoon.”

This is a very short story, the pace is very fast and the story is totally unrealistic.  Within two days days, the pair have had sex and go on a tropical holiday together after December’s shop burns down.  A few days later she returns home to find he has relocated her candle business to a better district and it’s already open for business.  Despite it’s pace, it’s still a cute read with some hot scenes.

December:  “Oh my God.”

Chase:  “I prefer just Chase.”

The only thing that annoyed me was December’s over the top reaction to things.

My rating:

4 Hearts

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