By E. L. Todd



White-hot, blinding, and dangerous.

That’s exactly what Volt is.

He’s electric.

The first time I met him, my body reacted. It coiled, sizzled, and sparked. I knew I wanted him because he was the first man to make me feel dead and alive at the exact same time.

But within a short conversation, I knew he was unattainable.


Now we’re just friends.

But will we stay friends?



I love the cover of this book.

Firstly the two main characters are engaging and kept me turning those pages but I have to say the ending will leave you hanging and I was not left satisfied as a reader – I was actually really annoyed.

The underlying connection with Sara and the continual alluding to her background drove me insane as I kept waiting for all the friends to meet and for us to have the moment of understanding.  Obviously this moment is going to be dragged out in another book.

Sexually frustrating this book had me at times however I really did enjoy reading how Volt became friends with a girl again.

I felt like we were going around in circles a lot of the time and I was frustrated and then the ending – I wanted to see some sort of closure or moment for them two to give me something to want to keep going.  Volts declaration that he would step it up as such is not enough for me to want to read the next book so I am leaving this series at book 1.

The changing perspectives at times was confusing for me but it was funny to see that all their friends could see what was right in front of these two.


My Rating: 3 Hearts

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