Changing Lanes (Lone Stars # 3)

By Katie Graykowski

BR Changing Lanes


Professional Football Player, Devon Harding found his soul mate at the age of seventeen. Trouble is, he can’t remember her last name. For the last fourteen years, he’s been waiting for The Universe to send her back to him. When that day comes, he nearly falls all over himself to get to her. But he plays it cool and waits for her to come to him.

And she walks right past him.

Pediatric Oncologist, Laney Nixon has only been in love once—at the age of sixteen. For the last fourteen years, she’s looked for him, but not knowing his last name has made finding him impossible. But when she comes face-to-face with him, she doesn’t recognize him.

Can Devon get her to remember the past so they can have a future?

Because all is fair in love and football…and the past is just the beginning.


CHANGING LANES is book 3 in the Lone Stars series and while it was still humorous, it was a more emotional read than the previous two.  Laney is a Paediatric Oncologist, so she deals with sick and dying children.  But there’s one little girl who plays a big part in this book, Lara.  Lara is a five year old girl dying from Leukaemia who has no family to call her own.  When Devon hears about Lara, he and his mother, Sweet Louise, become the family that Lara wished for and give her the best final days of her short life.  I’ll admit, I teared up a lot reading Lara’s scenes.

As with the previous female characters in the series, Laney who is another strong and independent woman.  In fact, she might be too strong as she has the ability to shut down her emotions when things get too real, which happens a lot given her career.  She has a turbulent relationship with her father which could become more turbulent in the near future if my prediction about him is correct.

Devon is a great guy, but he did come across as a bit too much in his affections with Laney.  I understand that she’s the one who got away when they were teenagers, so when she comes back into his life, he comes off as a little desperate, doing anything to make her happy and to keep her by his side.  But he is so kind and giving that you can’t stay mad at him for long.

Again, you get to see how the previous couples are doing and I get the feeling that the owner of the Lone Stars is going to get the next book.

Changing Lanes (Lone Stars # 3)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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