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Shutter speed: A Snapshot Novella

By Freya Barker


She likes picking up her camera because it allows her to see things through a different lens. Like when she lost her job recently and instead of focusing on what she’s forced to leave behind, she zooms in on the new options opening up in front of her. Or when a dangerous looking silver fox comes rolling up her path on a FatBoy, and her digital output shows a deep loneliness, matching her own, in his ice-blue eyes.
But when she’s working on making her dreams come true, she inadvertently captures something in her viewfinder she can’t un-see.

He wasn’t supposed to be here, but he can’t seem to escape his old life. Stuck in an old trailer in the mountains, he walks a fine line between ruse and reality. With the arrival of a young-looking pixie—who turns out to be a full grown, hot-blooded woman—his balance is thrown.
He tries to avoid her, but with the little pixel peeper snapping everything in sight, she unintentionally risks his exposure.

And his focus needs to be sharp to keep her from danger.


Shutter speed is a novella that has a lot of suspense to it.  Definitely set the story up between Ben and Isla.

Isla is taking over the campground for her Uncle who is going to take care of her ailing Aunt. She has a passion for photography which just might get her into trouble.

Ben is trying to move onto the next chapter in his life but he keeps getting dragged back.  The first time he sees Isla he knows there is something special about her but in his current line of work the best thing to do is push her away.  But Isla is very good at being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Ben must work hard at achieving his goals and keeping her safe.

Shutter speed sets this up to be a thrilling series.  I look forward to the next chapter in Ben and Isla’s story.

Shutter speed

My Rating:  

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For His Eyes Only (Masters and Mercenaries Book 13)

By Lexi Blake


A night he can’t forget

Five years ago, Nick Markovic found himself consumed by his quest for vengeance. The one time he managed to find peace was in the arms of Hayley Dalton. Being with her was like bathing in sunlight, and he ached to feel that again, but he couldn’t. He gave his oath to Hayley’s cousin Desiree, his partner at McKay-Taggart and Knight, that he’d never let his darkness infect Hayley’s innocent world.

A spark she can’t put out

It was years before that Hayley offered everything she had to Nick. After that one amazing night, all she wanted was to be his forever. Unfortunately, Nick’s reaction was to walk away from her and never look back. The warm and caring man she’d discovered was gone, and after Des’s death, he’d only grown colder. But when Hayley finds herself in mortal danger, she’s forced to seek protection from the man who broke her heart.

A flame that threatens to consume them both

Haunted by the women he failed, Nick can’t allow himself to grow close to Hayley again. Running to stay ahead of the powerful forces that endanger their lives, they travel from the lush Garden in London to the glittering lights of Rio. As the threat against her becomes clearer, he realizes that to keep her safe he must confront the demons from his past, even if it costs him a future with the woman he loves.


Some of my friends may say that I have an obsession with this series and they would be correct. For His Eyes Only is a great addition to this series.

Nick is a man who choose retribution over love.  He had a chance to run off with the woman he fell in love with and live a happy life five years ago but he choose to follow the other woman in his life to avenge his sister’s death.  The other woman was Des who we meet and lost in Master No. It was really interesting getting to know the true nature of their relationship.  Des was a sneaky woman that dragged Nick around.  I don’t think even he knew the depths which she would sink to.

Hayley was a girl who fell for a man that wasn’t ready to leave everything else behind five years ago.  She was Des’s cousin and kind of the black sheep of the family.  The English part of her family saw her as the poor American. After losing her cousin and dad she is just going from day to day.  After she read the letter from Des stating that if she is ever in trouble she should find Nick, her house blows up and she knows that she is being followed.  She shows up on the door step at the Garden in London.  They have to work together to keep Hayley alive and to give Nick a second chance to correct past wrongs.

For His Eyes Only is another example of Lexi Blake’s ability to convey a whole range of emotions.  Ian and Charlotte create great moments in this story that make me laugh out loud and inject insight through sarcasm.  Damon and Owen give us some of the more serious advise. We learn a lot more about how Nick got the place where he is at now.  The chemistry between each of the characters is amazing.  They are family and will protect each other.  I don’t think I will ever get enough of this series.  I also love the Zanetti reference.  As in most Lexi Blake books we are given a little tease of what’s to come and I can’t wait because she manages to draw me in with every book.

For His Eyes Only

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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Undiscovered (Amoveo Rising #1)

By Sara Humphreys


He’s the man of her dreams
A long time ago, Zander Lorens was cursed to walk the earth stripped of his Dragon Clan powers. Every night, trapped in a recurring nightmare, Zander relives his darkest moment. He can hardly believe it when the dream changes and a beautiful young woman appears. Zander believes she’s the key to ending his torment. Finding her in the real world is one thing, but how will he convince her of who-and what-she really is?

She’s the end to his nightmare
Rena McHale uses her unique sensitivity as a private investigator, touting herself as a “human divining rod” and finder of the lost. By day she struggles with sensory overload, and by night her sleep is haunted by a fiery dragon shifter. Nothing in her life makes sense, until the man from her dreams shows up at her door with a proposition…


Undiscovered is a story of guilt, family and love.  It also explores relationships on many levels. Brothers, girlfriends, adoptive parents and lovers.  Plus finding out that dragons still exist.

Zander and Zed are twins that are dragon shifters.  They are cursed.  Zander stuck in human form and Zed trapped in hibernation as a dragon.  This curse happened all over a girl that the brothers were fighting over.  Zander will do anything to free Zed, even sacrifice his own happiness. He believes that if he can get Rena, Zed’s mate, to him that the curse will be broken. The only problem is Rena doesn’t know anything of his world and definitely doesn’t subscribe to being anyone’s mate.

Rena is an independent soul.  She was on the streets when she was found by Vito, who would become a kind of adoptive parent to her.  Rena knew she was special because she could sense things through touch.  Even though she knew that Zander was different and was pushing her away for reasons she couldn’t understand, she couldn’t help but want him.

As they made their way across the country to help his brother, their bonds deepen.  Zander must make a decision between the love that he feels for Rena and for his brother.

Fans of the Amoveo series will love Undiscovered.  It has all the elements that makes that series so good.  We get to revisit the characters of that series in this book which is a nice treat. This novel sets this new journey for the dragon shifters up.  They aren’t necessarily part of the Amoveo but they have the same qualities that made the Amoveo special.


My Rating:  4 Hearts

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Sentinel’s Kiss (Sentinels of Babylon #2)

By Jamie K Schmidt


A fiercely protective bad boy. An innocent reporter in serious trouble. They shouldn’t work, but after he throws her onto his bike, there’s no going back.

If Josh Lehman learned one thing as a Green Beret, it’s patience. Josh founded the Sentinels of Babylon because he was sick and tired of watching scumbags cheat the system—scumbags like the man who murdered his sister. Of course, if Josh’s sniper rifle was linked to the death of his ex-brother-in-law, that might be a problem. The bigger problem is the nosy reporter who’s this close to exposing the club. Josh has to find a way to keep her hot mouth from talking . . . but he’ll be damned if he lets someone take her from him. Not on his watch.

Ashley Carver thought she’d do anything for a scoop. That was before her latest story leads to multiple attempts on her life. Ashley’s been investigating a homicide that has gone unsolved for five years when she uncovers evidence tying the vigilantes of the Sentinels of Babylon to a revenge killing. Now she’s in their crosshairs. But after Josh defies all notions of club loyalty to come to Ashley’s aid, soon they’re burning up the sheets—and taking on the world.


Sentinel’s of Babylon or SOBs are a vigilante group that right wrongs that were dismissed by the legal system.   In Sentinel’s Kiss they are righting the murder of Sentinel’s sister, Sarah.  They know who killed her and are ready to act but they find out a reporter has come across new information. They decide there is more to this act of violence than mets the eye and must follow the clues.

Sentinel, or Josh, is a military man who is about to end his brother-in-laws life.  Josh knows that he killed his sister and her unborn child.  The SOB’s have done all their research and they are ready to complete this mission.  But right as they were ready to take the shot, Josh notices that Ashley was there to get an interview.  Josh knew that there was more to this story that he would have to track down.

Ashley Carver is a reporter always after to a good story no matter if her life is in danger or not. She is a daredevil with a solid heart.  Ashley is on the side of the facts. She isn’t looking for a long term relationship with Josh but they have instant chemistry.  There is something about Josh that helps calm her life.  She hasn’t had an easy go of it and deserves to start the next chapter of her life.

Sentinel’s Kiss has a good mystery to it.  Sarah’s murder leads to something deeper and ends up with a twist at the end.  Things aren’t always what they seem.  I loved all of the SOB’s.  I think that they all have an interesting story to tell.

Sentinel’s Kiss

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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Don’t Speak (A Modern Fairytale Book 5)

By Katy Regnery


In this modern retelling of The Little Mermaid, a fisherman’s daughter from an Outer Banks island untouched by time, meets the son of the North Carolina governor at a fancy party where she is working.

Laire, who wants more from life than her little island can offer, is swept away by wealthy, sophisticated Erik, who is, in turn, entranced by her naiveté and charm. The two spend a whirlwind summer together that ends on the knife-point of heartbreak and forces them to go their separate ways.

Years later, when fate finds them together once again, they will discover the terrifying depth of the secrets they kept from each other, and learn that shattered hearts can only be healed by a love that willfully refuses to die.


Don’t Speak is a new adult romance in this modern retelling of The Little Mermaid. The relationship between Laire and the people around her is what pulled at my heart.  This novel is broken into two parts with an interlude.  The first part is the journey of self discovery and the second part is about a second chance at love.

Laire is a girl that is becoming a young woman.  She wants more for her life than her tiny island can provide.  Laire is caught between what is expected of her and her dreams of seeing what is beyond her home town.  Her family has outdated values and anything but settling down and starting her own family is out of the question.  I found myself hating Laire’s family more and more through the story.

Erik is a young man who has dreams of his own but his future has already been mapped out for him. Erik’s mother is determined for him to achieve the goals that she has set for him.  He is embarking on his own journey and did something he never thought he would do.  He fell for an island girl while on vacation with his family.

Don’t Speak is an emotional journey for a young woman who must choose between who she is and what her family believes in.  And for a young man whose own family provides obstacles on his way to happiness.  I found the interlude especially gut wrenching and effective to mark the passage of time.

I definitely could identify The Little Mermaid in this story between Laire and Erk.  And it made me see more complexity in The Little Mermaid.  This was am emotional journey for this two people whose families were not on board for their relationship.  And in the end they had to see past what was expected of them.  This was a very effective retelling of a classic story.

Don’t Speak

My Rating:  

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Wolf’s Challenge (Stranger Creatures Book 1)

By Christina Lynn Lambert


Taking risks, especially risks of the handsome male variety, is currently out of the question for Sydney Reid. She will make no exceptions for tall, gorgeous Derrick Porter. Never date a player–it’s rule number one in Sydney’s book, and the charming lawyer constantly devouring her with his eyes is every inch the reason. Despite her best efforts to keep Derrick in the friend zone, sparks fly between the two of them, and Sydney isn’t entirely sure she wants to throw water on the flames.

Can Derrick convince the shy, sexy Sydney to give him a chance, something more than her elusive “maybe”? More importantly, should he? Derrick has a few secrets, the least shocking secret being that he can transform at will into a powerful wolf. He’s still trying to forgive himself for being at the wheel during the accident that killed his son. Losing Sydney when she learns the truth might break him, but he’s pretty sure not having her would be just as bad.

And with an obsessed stalker on their tails, more than their hearts are at issue.


Wolf’s Challenge is a story of a wolf shifter that has lost a lot and woman who is learning to take back her life again.  It’s a carefully crafted tale of loss and courage.

Derrick is a wolf shifter and successful lawyer, is coming back to the world after losing his son in a horrible car accident while he was driving.  He has been going through the motions of life but not really engaging in it.  He joins a running group that is coached by his friend and then paired together with Sydney.

Sydney is recovering from two emotionally damaging relationships.  She is done with men for the moment.  Sydney definitely decides she does not need anymore players.  She decides that Derrick is a player so that definitely means that he is not for her.  But thanks to her friend Jack that she would join his running group is going to put her decision to swear off men to the test.

These two are attracted to each other but Sydney can’t see past her past to give Derrick a chance.  He is persistent because for the first time since the accident he has found someone that he has feelings for.  But there are other forces at work here and there is another person that is obsessed with Derrick that will do everything in her power to bring him down.

I enjoyed Wolf’s Challenge and got wrapped up in their struggle to get past the things that were haunting both of them.  They were both very insecure and had a hard time believing in each other.  The only thing that I was surprised by was that I was expecting a different resolution between Derrick and the person who was obsessed with him, though there was a major answer that was answered and he could move on, I just felt that I wanted there to be more of a confrontation.  But I loved the ending and to see the confidence that both Sydney and Derrick gain from each other.

Wolf’s Challenge

My Rating:  

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Holding on Tighter (Wicked Lovers #12)

By Shayla Black


Jolie Quinn is a woman in charge. Her no-nonsense attitude has made her a rising star in the fashion world and her brand a household name among the Dallas elite. Nothing will stop her from achieving her goals—not even the gorgeous British security contractor who seems just as interested in seeing her personal assets as he is in protecting her professional ones.

After a tragedy left him broken, Heath Powell made a rule of staying unattached. But Jolie challenges him in a way he can’t ignore, and he isn’t used to backing down from a confrontation—especially when the reward for winning could feel so good. As passion blazes between them, the stubborn, confident beauty arouses more than his desire. She touches his heart.

When a mysterious enemy threatens Jolie and her company, Heath is the only person Jolie can trust to help. But working with him to save her business might put her dangerously at risk of falling in love…


Holding on Tighter brings the Wicked Lover’s series to an end in a spectacular way.   Shayla Black has a way of writing that makes you fall in love with each of her characters.  Jolie and Heath are no different.

I fell for Heath the minute I opened the book.  He had a wife that he loved and was the victim of a senseless act of violence.  Heath is really only going through the motions of life until he starts a job protecting Jolie.  He starts to understand that he has more love that he has to give.

Jolie is a head strong woman who knows what she wants in life.  She has a jaded view on love because of her mother’s experience.  When she meets Heath Jolie is thrown off and now is finding herself having to pave a new path for herself.

From the first chapter the story builds on itself.  From a budding relationship to protecting Jolie from history repeating itself. There are also unforgettable characters in this story.  Karis, Jolie’s sister, has an upbeat spirit and is still looking for love. Jolie has quite a unique set of employees that gives her sanity a run for her money, but she manages to keep them focused and moving towards the same goal.  On Heath’s side, he has his best friend that he hasn’t talked to for years after them both losing their wife’s in the same shooting.  We also got to know Cutter and catch up with some other characters we know well like Stone, Tyler, Logan and Hunter.

There is also a mystery to figure out.  Why someone would want to hurt Jolie and how it connects to Heath. Plus Heath has a chance to get some closure on his wife’s murder.

Holding on Tighter is a great addition to this series.  I really loved the attention to detail right down to the rules that were at the beginning of every chapter. And make sure to read the epilogue because lots of old friends show up. I am definitely going to miss this series but I am looking forward to reading what Shayla Black has in store for us next.

Holding on Tighter

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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Vanished (A Beautiful Mess Novel)

By T. K. Leigh


Rayne Kilpatrick has everything. A job she’s dreamed of since a little girl. The perfect house. And a man she loves and is about to marry… Until he never returns from a humanitarian mission.

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

When footage of his gruesome murder by a Muslim extremist group is shown across the country and around the globe, she wants the person responsible for the disappearance of the man she loves to pay. She wants him to lose the one person who means the world to him, too, and she won’t stop until he does.

Alexander Burnham has everything… Finally. A job he enjoys where he can actually make a difference in the world. The perfect woman who he’s loved his entire life. And the most beautiful daughter a father could ask for… Until he walks into her bedroom one morning to find it empty.

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

It’s a race against the clock for Alexander to put the pieces together and find out who has taken his daughter and what they want from him. As information comes to light, he is forced to bury the guilt he feels after losing his fellow team member and focus instead on finding and saving his daughter…

Before it’s too late.


Vanished is an appropriate title for this novel.  It’s meaning can be taken on so many levels through this read.  On an emotional level, a love that’s vanished replaced with grief. Compassion that’s disappeared replaced with anger and fear.  On a more physical level, loved ones are taken for reasons beyond comprehension.

This novel is split into three different parts.  Part one was definitely the hardest part for me to get through.  I really saw Rayne’s pain.  She grieves for the life that she will never have back and she wants someone to pay for that.  Rayne is a broken woman who now sees a way to help alleviate some of her suffering.  We also got a sense of the man that Alexander has become through the years.

Part two was were the mystery really picked up.  Alexander is on the frantic hunt for his daughter who has been taken.  He is piecing together who and why this is happening.  I loved his relationships with all of family.  And he has a really special bond with his wife.  I also liked his relationship with Agent Moretti.  They have the relationship need to get the job done.

Part three also continues the mystery but also ramped up on the thriller part of the novel.  We get to the real issue of why Alexander’s daughter was taken.  There are actually two twists in this part.  One I saw coming but the second took me by surprise.

This novel deals with deep issues at it’s core.  The first part jumped around a little so I found it a little confusing to start with and I found it extremely dramatic.  Parts two and three I couldn’t put down.  T.K. Leigh has an unique way of writing.  She broke this book up not just by parts but by hours as well. She understands that in a kidnapping every minute counts.   She also conveys emotion in a powerful way.


My Rating:  1/2

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Carnal Obsession: His Heart’s Prisoner (Carnal Series #4)

By Reily Garrett


Life on the street molds emotional athletes.

Three years ago, her brother’s death marked the beginning of Kendra’s new life, an existence with no home, no family, and no friends. Time in the underground byways toughened her emotional shell with the loose association of like-minded street rats where survival meant compromise and constant vigilance.

Before he died, Billy had sent her a package in care of his teammate, Conner. For Kendra, re-entrance into polite society comes with a deadly price, as betrayal comes from both sides of the grave.

Conner Crofton owns the BDSM club Ambrosia. After failing to protect his teammate on their last covert mission, penance takes form as a promise to safeguard Billy’s little sister, a girl he’d unknowingly remanded to a world of darkness and uncertainty, deception and psychopathic stalkers.

The past will always haunt us. Each must earn forgiveness and trust as passion, guilt, deception, and betrayal, interweave a destiny formed long ago. A romantic suspense with a twist.


Carnal Obsession: His Heart’s Prisoner is Connor’s and Kendra’s story.  Conner’s a protective man who sees Kendra in a sisterly way.  Kendra is a tough girl who had to grow up quick and always had a crush on Conner.  Because of the murder of Kendra’s brother she lost touch with everyone she knew.

Connor has a lot to make up for.  He didn’t realize that Kendra had gone missing.  He thought that she moved with her parents.  If he had known that she was living on the streets he would have started looking for her much sooner.  Connor always felt a sisterly bond with Kendra because of the age difference he never considered her more than that.

Kendra who is now grown and hardened up by the streets is trying to show Connor that she is not longer his best friend’s little sister.  She is now a woman who has always had a crush on him.  It’s just convincing Connor that he is allowed to feel more than just brotherly love for her.

Then there is they mystery of Kendra’s brother death and why he left her the package.  This package put her in a dangerous situation which Connor must protect her from.  This has put everyone on high alert, including Connor’s brothers.

Carnal Obsession: His Heart’s Prisoner is a completely addictive read.  It, like the other novels in this series, had great pacing and a great story line.  I loved his brothers, they provided some very humous moments.  And it also had a mystery to figure out.  I also loved that Connor had a inner dilemma that he had to work through and Kendra had to find her way back into the world again.

Carnal Obsession: His Heart’s Prisoner

My Rating:  

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Justice Ascending (The Scorpius Syndrome #3)

By Rebecca Zanetti


Before surviving the Scorpius bacterium, Tace Justice was a good ole Texas cowboy who served his country and loved his mama. After Scorpius, the world became dark, dangerous, and deadly—and so did he. The Vanguard medic is stronger, faster, and smarter than before, but he’s lost the line between right and wrong. His passion is absolute, and when he focuses it on one woman, there’s no turning back for either of them…

Sami Steel has been fighting to survive right alongside Tace, convincing the Vanguard soldiers she’s one of them. In truth, Sami is a former hacker turned government agent who worked at The Bunker, where scientists stored both contaminants and cures. Only she knows the location, and she’s not telling. Yet when sexual fire explodes between her and Tace, she’ll face even that hell again to save him.


In this third novel in The Scorpius Syndrome Series, Justice Ascending continues with the high adrenaline formula that makes this series so addictive.   From beginning to end, I couldn’t put this book down.  And I have to say that the ending was fantastic.  The action does not stop until the last page.

Justice Ascending is Tace Justice’s story.  He has been infected with Scorpius and is slowing turning into a Ripper.  This story is about him doing his best to hold on to what little humanity he has left.  He truly is a good guy at his core but he is losing his conscience and it is becoming easier to make the tough decisions between who gets to live and who doesn’t.

Sami has become one of the most trusted lieutenants in Jax Mercury’s army but she has many secrets.  She doesn’t realize the depth of feelings that she has for Tace until she starts to explore them.  She believes and trusts the man that Tace is.

Justice Ascending is action packed and continues to follow the Vanguard people and the threats against it. Jax does a great job of holding these people together against many odds, from outside and inside.  Jax is there for all his people including Tace and Sami.  He learns that even his top people have secrets to keep.

Rebecca Zanetti put tons of action, emotion and humour into this story.  I fell for Tace in Mercury Striking so I was excited for this story.  I was not disappointed, I love the fact that this is a new world and these people have to find a new way to live and love.  Tace and Sami’s relationship is an example of that.  They are given many obstacles to overcome including Tace’s dissent into his illness.

Justice Ascending

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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