Broken Road (Limelight #1)

By Piper & Jack Davenport


Life on the road is hard, love on the road is even harder…

Lucy Haddon is rock royalty. She’s the daughter of one of the biggest rock stars on the planet and is now in charge of her father’s empire, including planning the most anticipated reunion in rock history. She’s no stranger to the dangers of touring life, but has always managed to stay out of trouble by following her own set of rules. Her biggest rule…no dating musicians…even when it comes to her teenage fantasy.

Bad boy drummer “Bam” Nelson’s band has just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime… the last thing he should be thinking about is women. The meteoric rise of his band and the crash landing of his last relationship has left him burned out and closed off, but when a red-headed rock princess walks into his life, he realizes she could be the one to finally heal the wounds of his past.

He just has to convince her to break her own rule. 


Broken Road is a surprising read for me as I do not normally enjoy Rock Star Romance however it had a great ensemble of leading and supporting characters and also had humour which was brilliant.  I have also loved Piper’s MC Romance so I was interested to see her take on this new world!

Firstly love Lucy and as any onion ring lover knows – onion rings solve all of life’s dramas and make everything good again – so Lucy is my kind of girl!

Considering Broken Road is written by two authors it flowed really well and kept its consistency and we are given quite a bit of background history on both bands.  With the series continuing to other characters it all formed a good base for when we pick up the next instalment “On The Road”.

Now Piper has a great knack of entwining characters from her other series and I have read the Dogs of Fire so I could follow random characters that appear in this story especially when the drama started to affect Bam and Lucy’s road to love.

Lucy’s parents were one of my most favourite components of this story!  They were funny and really explained Lucy’s overall outlook on love, life and no bullshit.  Sullivan Wallace her bodyguard was a constant companion for Lucy and I was enamoured with the way he cared for his girl. Bam was a typical artist and it was great to know the background of Roses for Anna and also Lucy’s dad’s band and their passionate love scenes were perfect.

My only complaint was I felt the story with Bam in the middle returning to his home was a little rushed and kind of thrown in to me and I was actually expecting a bit more drama/danger to Lucy/Bam?

I must admit I cannot wait to read “The Way Back” which  is Hadley & Jack’s story, I have a feeling it is going to be epic as Jack’s background story immediately pulled at my heart strings.

Favourite Quote:  “Hmm, onion rings. The meeting went that badly?”

Broken Road (Limelight #1)

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