By Alexis Noelle



This is what I signed up for.
I knew it from the start.
I’m the newest prospect for the Deathstalkers MC Club.
I’ll do whatever they ask–whenever they want it done.
No questions.
I’ll take their bullshit and follow orders, like nobody’s business.
Cuz once I get that patch, that label,
I’m in.

But when one of the old ladies takes in a stray,
I can’t help but feel the pull toward her.
Izzy makes me question everything.
But I can’t.
I have to sit back and pray like Hell that someone else,
One of these bastards doesn’t claim her for himself.
If he does, I have to let her go,
Let her walk away,
Into his arms,
His bed.
And I can’t do that.
Deathstalker prospect or not,
I know what I want,
And I want her.


Broken is a fantastic story, fast paced and flowed really well with great characters who were all instrumental to the story.

Izzy and Max connected with insta love and attraction and all his alpha protectiveness as a prospect in the MC club.  His devotion to a Broken Izzy and caring for her was just beautiful but he was still all alpha male.  This MC club was pretty tame to others I have read about and it was really enjoyable and made for a relaxing read.

Izzy’s background story will keep you guessing and when all is revealed it is fast paced but still gives you a nicely rounded romantic journey with a HEA.

The ladies of the MC club provide for some great support to Izzy and I really enjoyed when they entered the storyline and also Max’s family.  Whilst reading Broken I found as all the characters entered the storyline it felt they had their place and were intricate to the overall outcome of Max & Izzy.

I read this book in a 24 hour period as I could not put it down, pure enjoyment from this book.


My Rating: 4 Hearts

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