Bringing Home The Bad Boy (Second Chance # 1)

By Jessica Lemmon

BR Bringing Home The Bad Boy

What initially drew me to Bringing Home The Bad Boy?  Two words:  The cover.  I love the cover and I think it looks amazing.

Four years after losing his wife Rae, Evan and his seven year old son Lyon move to Evergreen Cove to start a new life.  Prior to making the move, Evan sold his tattoo business and their home.  Evan spent his summers holidaying in the cove and thinks it would be a great place to raise his son.  It also has the added benefit of being closer to Rae’s best friend, Charlotte (aka Charlie).

One of the major changes to his life is his art.  Instead of focusing on tattoos, Evan now spends most of his time creating illustrations for a children’s book his old friend (and partner in crime) Ash writes.

Charlie (also an artist but with a camera) crushed on Evan as a teenager, but he only had eyes for Rae so she moved on and was very happy for the much-in-love pair.  Despite seeing Charlie repeatedly since his wife’s death, it takes him seeing her in a bikini to see her as a desirable woman, not just as a friend.  He starts speaking to her sexually and she honestly doesn’t know how to take it.  After all, this is Evan: her best friend’s husband.

After Evan makes it clear to Charlie that he’s pursuing her, she’s constantly wracked with guilt.  She feels as though she’s betraying Rae, that she’s stealing her best friend’s husband.  Evan fights for her again and again, and when she learns that she’s the only one who’s making an issue out of it, she gives in to her desires and falls heart first into an amazing relationship, not just with Evan, but with Lyon as well.

I thought this book was a really sweet read.  Both are artists and can understand the need and desire one has to zone out and perfect their art.  Evan knew what he wanted with Charlie and he went after it.  He never treated her poorly, even when she kept upsetting and angering him over her guilt and feelings of betrayal.

Oh, and Russell is a pussy.  I was hoping we would get to see Charlie stand up to him and put him in his place.  Evan’s fist didn’t do a good enough job.  I was a little disappointed that she wilted in front of him but I can understand how one would react like that after six years of mental conditioning.

But to be honest, my favourite character was Lyon.  From the innocent questions making the adults freak out, to the fact he couldn’t get his head out of his iPad, to grumbling about his laundry.  He reminded me so much of my son at that age it was uncanny.  Sometimes I read books with kids and I find the kids too unbelievable, from the way they talk or the things they do depending on their age.  But Lyon was written spot on.

Bringing Home The Bad Boy

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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