The Brimstone Kings Mc: Ace

By J J Marstead

IAce Cover


I’ve lived in a small town my entire life. At eighteen, I don’t have a whole lot of life experience, and all I really have time for is my job. I’ve heard of the Brimstone Kings MC, but I’d never seen them until a group of them shows up at the diner where I work. That’s the day I met Ace.

Just his name sends shivers up my spine. That man is sex on a stick. But he’s a man. I’ve only ever been around boys. I don’t know if I’m ready for the kind of life that comes with a man like Ace, but he isn’t giving me much choice.

Shit, she is fucking beautiful. When I first laid eyes on her, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell she was legal. The minute I found out she was eighteen, it was game on. I will make her mine, if it’s the last thing I do.

Getting her to be mine proves to be harder than I thought though. I need to prove to her that I am the man for her. That I can take care of her. That I won’t hurt her. This woman is stubborn as hell, but I’m determined to make her see what it feels like to be with a real man.


This is a debut novel by the author.  The basic storyline is a good one, typical of biker romance but I just found the flow of this story somewhat confusing at stages, we get both POV which helps in understanding the characters thoughts and actions. I just found it fast forwarded at the wrong times for me and there were two many storylines and I became lost and some outcomes I found the timeframes not working especially for Alison.

I have so many questions after reading this book.

What happened to her boss?, he was a major character in the start then just disappeared and considering his feelings, he could have thrown a bit of a power play into the story.

Porsche was one character, yes she was a typical bikie chick but I felt her part of the story did not flow into each other for me, in the end I found her inconsequential and her final scene with Ace in the hospital left me flat.  I mean all that drama and then zip.

The MC club really takes a back seat to this whole story, it is more about Alison and Ace. Ace is a real soft bikie for a VP and not my kind of rough and rugged – I did not feel their instant connection at all.

Alison is 18, her actions reflect this and once I got past that fact then I could forgive her when she became somewhat annoying and emotional – but do not get me wrong she grew on me by the end and probably is what kept me reading.

Now I have read a shitload of Bikie romance novels and yes I know they are fantasy but there are some actions in this book that just did not feel right for me. The main moment for me was when a member from a rival gang was in the clubhouse in the VP bedroom, I mean how did he get past the gates, through the club and then be allowed to just walk out through the front of the clubhouse – did not make sense to me – sorry. These were the gaps I needed in the whole mystery and drama that was trying to be portrayed upon the pages.

This story had really great moments that I wish were extended to perhaps help create a bit more depth, there was in some ways for me too much happening with so many different characters like her sister and Viper, their story started off as all drama then just fell off the radar and I really liked them as a couple – they had fire and fight. I would have loved to see a scene at the hospital between them two where they decide to move forward together as a couple as Viper obviously loved her.  That also would have entwined them into the final chapters where we get to see these characters further down the track.

This book gets all nicely tidied up at the end of the series, you get the HEA and see how these two characters are 10 years on which was a great way to close up the book and I was happy for them.

Liked not Loved.

The Brimstone Kings Mc: Ace

My Rating: 3 Hearts

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