Breaking Rules (Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy # 3)

By Blair Babylon

breaking rules bk 3

Breaking Rules is book #3 of the (Billionaires in Disguise) series and continues to centre around Lizzy and her love triangle with two brothers Mannix and Theo.

So I am going to keep it short and sweet, I cannot believe this book centres around just 5 days.  Theo is trying to break Lizzy of the Dom/Sub mindset with Mannix but I wanted to know more, we got glimpses of their family, I would love to have seen Mannix come back earlier especially considering the phone call mid week??

I really think Lizzy’s series could have been made up of just three books and kept it upbeat as there are some really great suspense/action parts and some of the sex scenes written were fantastic.  Just to drag it out to four is just too much for me, I am leaving it as that – I am saying goodbye to Lizzy, Theo and Mannix with a heavy heart.

It is annoying, as I so want to read about Rae and go to Paris with them all, imagine my surprise when I see Rae has 9 episodes??

Breaking Rules (Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy # 3)

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