Breaking My Heart (My Heart Series # 1)

By Aleya Michelle

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Breaking My Heart is book 1 in the My Heart trilogy which focuses on Roxy (24yo graphic designer) and Kade (23yo competitive surfer and builder).

Roxy has major abandonment issues stemming from her father’s departure when she was five.  Watching her mother be treated badly by all the men that came after, she’s convinced all men are awful, especially when she looks for love in all the wrong places only to get used and thrown away.  Until Kade.

She spots Kade across a crowded club.  By his entranced stare, shy looks and blushing cheeks, she knows Kade is unlike any other man she has ever met.  Her past experiences with men have taught her to build her walls up high, and initially she treats him like crap.  Quickly coming to her senses, she manages to convince him to give her a final chance and she uses it wisely.  The pair end up in a year-long relationship, before troubles in Kade’s personal life affect their relationship for the worst.

Going by the title, I think it’s safe to say you can predict how book 1 is going to end.  And given that this is a trilogy, I’m sure there will be plenty of both love and drama until we get to what I hope will be the HEA by the end of book 3.  I’m already 50% through book 2 and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those books I won’t like too much, but I have to endure in order to get to the wonderful finale that will be book 3.

At times I found Kade and Roxy’s relationship a little childish even though I get that they’re both sorta young.  They would get really angry over something (be it for a valid reason or a petty one), have a fight and suddenly they would just make up, forget about it and have some hot make-up sex.  And while they are both so in love, their insecurities are a constant problem: Kade has issues with all the men Roxy has slept with in the past; and Roxy is constantly worried that Kade will leave her.  They constantly call each other ‘baby’.  And finally, Kade makes it quite clear to Roxy that he doesn’t want kids for a long time and is very cruel to her about it when they’re discussing it.  Yet he has no problem never wearing a condom with her, as long as she does her duty and remember to take her pill.  Responsibility is a two way street pal.

This is a debut novel for Aleya Michelle and for a debut novel, I thought it was very well written.  But I did have a few issues with the writing style.

1 – There’s a bit of repetition when she switches POVs between Roxy and Kade.  This seemed to happen quite a bit at the beginning but did get toned down towards the end.

2 – There is a bit of skipping happening in some scenes that had me feeling like I blinked and missed something.  For example, they’re at the movies and suddenly they’re walking back to his truck, no mention of the end of the movie.  Or when Roxy is at her pole dancing class and they’re about to do introductions before warming up and suddenly they’re ready to start class.  This probably isn’t a really big deal, but every time it happened I kept feeling like I had missed something and would re-read it just to be sure.  For me, these scenes seemed to lack good flow.

3 – There’s a scene where a character called Ebony was accidentally called Emma.  This is just a simple mistake but one that should have been picked up on by the beta readers.

Now for the good stuff.  The sex is hot and very frequent.  And I do mean very frequent.  I don’t think I’d be lying if I said there’s a sex scene in almost every chapter after they do it for the first time.  And Kade is very well endowed.

And despite my issues above, the book kept me engaged, which lately has been a little hard to do.  I read this book fairly quickly and didn’t want to put it down.

Breaking My Heart

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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