Bound by Honor (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #1)

By Cora Reilly

bound by honor

Mafia, Honor, Family, Binds that tie them together, two families coming together through the arranged marriage of their eldest children.  One is a Capo in waiting the other is a 18 year old Italian girl, both are bound by the expectations of their families.

Aria, I adored her strength of love and obligation to honor her family and Luca is dominating, ruthless, cold but also passionate and protective.  Aria has a sense of calm about her and acceptance of her place in mafia society but when it comes to her family namely her brother and sisters her claws come out and I really enjoyed the two sides to her character.

This story had the obvious mafia suspense, killings and mystery storyline along with the family connections and expectations.

The erotic scenes were well written and I simply was glued to the pages to see who survived, prospered and fulfilled their expected destiny.

Look as soon as I finished this story I went and downloaded Bound by Duty as I wanted to stay immersed in this world.  I am so excited to read Bound by Hatred which involves my favourite two characaters Matteo (Luca’s Brother) and Gianna (Aria’s sister) – those two are going to ingnite the pages.

If you love a good Mafia romance with some humour, suspense and passion then I can highly recommend this book.

Bound by Honor (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #1)

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