Bound by Duty (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #2)

By Cora Reilly

bound by duty

This series has bound my heart and soul in romance,  the men are dominating, strong, determined and yet passionate, caring and protective of their women.  This story again had a strong loving woman and I am beginning to see what binds these women in this series, yes the mafia men are forceful and brutal yet these women entwine themselves within their men, soften their edges and bind them together for a lifetime by standing by them until death.

Now yes each story is a stand alone but do your heart a favour and please start at Bound by Honor as I really feel you will have a stronger connection to each of these characters and enjoy the whole family and mafia code and will understand some of the smaller stories hovering in the background.

Loved seeing the characters from Bound by Honor again in this series and also we caught a scent of what is to come in book three – so bloody excited about Gianna – that book is going to rock our world.

The suspense and mystery of bad elements within the family wanting to take control was exciting and provided plenty of suspense.

I really want Bibi to have a story too, the friendship with Val was supportive and one of fierce protection of each others hearts and lives, the decisions these two women have to make is heart wrenching.  I want a man to come and rescue Bibi and hand her love, passion and romance,  I want her to have someone amazing crash into her life and take over and make her feel protected and adored for once in her life.

The happiness given to the characters at the end of the story is beautiful – thank you for giving these two characters something to cherish together for a lifetime after both experiencing loss and loneliness.

Bound by Duty (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #2)

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