Bound by Shadows (McAllister Justice Series #2)

By Reily Garrett


The architect of fear employs many forms.

Kidnapping and murder never crossed Kaylee’s mind when seeking a fresh start in Portland, a new beginning to shed the remnants of tragedy dogging her steps. After escaping from an underground cage, she fights to stay one step ahead of the killer bent on silencing his only witness. Kaylee.

Two months after dodging a sociopathic murderer’s best efforts, Caden McAllister flounders within a social sink hole, unable to move forward, too stubborn to step back. Guarded and wary, the private investigator’s stagnant lifestyle detonates into chaos when a battered and bloody young waif stumbles into his care.

Framed for a murdering a past lover, Caden must clear his name and overcome his charge’s doubts while keeping her out of the sex-slave trade. When betrayal ends with Kaylee’s re-capture, Caden must conquer his past and risk all or lose the one he has come to love.

Murder, mystery, underground tunnels, and romance are intertwined in this standalone romantic thriller, the second installment of the McAllister Justice Series.


Bound by Shadows is book 2 in the McAllister Justice Series. This story centers around Caden, who is one of the McAllister bothers, and Kaylee.

Kaylee was kidnapped but managed to escape the people who took her.  But she left behind another woman vowing to send help.  She makes it to the police station and who does she find there but one of the boys she grew up with.

I have to say that I was really looking for to this book.  I really liked Caden in Digital Velocity.  This book was just a little flat for me.  The beginning was extremely strong and suspenseful.  But after the beginning the story slowed down and it wasn’t until seventy percent in that it picked back up again.  I also felt that Kaylee should have been seeing a therapist to help her deal with her brother’s death because she was far from having dealt with it.  Her brother Reese was mentioned a lot without adding a lot to the story.  I almost wish that he was wasn’t mentioned as much.

Caden still has a great relationship with his brothers and Lexi.  He is having trouble from the encounter that he had with Lexi in book 1.  But this did help him become closer to Kaylee.  Again, I think that his issues were another character in the book that was mentioned a lot but did not add a lot to the story.

I will read this book again because I really did wanted to know Caden’s story and to see where Reily Garrett was taking the bothers.

Bound by Shadows

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