Blood of Cupids (The Blood of Cupids MC#1)

by Sophia Kenzie

Blood of Cupids


Hatred bound in lies…betrayal deeper than blood…a love destined for misery…

Grace Brennan wasn’t supposed to witness her mother’s gruesome death. No matter how hard she tries she can’t repress the memory…the screams, the moans, the blood.

A college girl with a broken past, just trying to live a normal life, desperate to change her fate and escape the club life she was born into.

Ryan Cassidy—born and bred bad boy, the outlaw life is all he’s ever known…The Blood of Cupids Motorcycle Club is his life. The love for his Harley is second only to his club.

Women come free and easy, he never does relationships, he never does love.

And then he lays eyes on Grace and his world crumbles. Kissing her is the biggest mistake of his life and the best thing he’s ever done…

…Until Grace realizes who he is—the Vice President of The Blood of Cupids MC, the club who killed her mother.

My Review

Grace and Ryan are like Romeo and Juliet only this is so much more violent with long held lies and betrayal by family members of both sides in rival MC gangs.  They are trapped in their separate worlds but give each other strength and love despite the obstacles.

This flowed fast, kept me guessing as I knew there had to be a major twist and i did not pick it until revealed so I was surprised at the outcome.  The ending is brutal and violent and is not HEA, it does leave you wanting to see where their journey is going to take them.

One character I particularly enjoyed was Grace’s special Aunty who provided some relief with tender emotional moments and gave Grace support against her domineering father.

This story is no way completed and there is obviously more secrets and violence to come in Books #2 & #3 which are available so you can immediately download.

This is definitely a MC romance with death, violence but also passionate connections between two young characters who are older than their years.

My Rating: 4 Hearts

Blood of Cupids (The Blood of Cupids MC#1)