Blonde Date (The Ivy Years # 2.5)

By Sarina Bowen

BR Blonde Date


A blind date. A nervous sorority girl. A mean-spirited fraternity prank. What could go wrong? 

As a sorority pledge, there are commandments that Katie Vickery must live by. One: thou shalt not show up for the party without a date. Two: the guy shall be an athlete, preferably an upperclassman. 

Unfortunately, Katie just broke up with her jerkface football player boyfriend. Even worse, her last encounter with him resulted in utter humiliation. She’d rather hide under the bed than attend a party where he’ll be. 

Yet staying home would mean letting him win. 

Enjoying herself tonight was out of the question. She could only hope to get through the evening without her blind date noticing that he was spending the evening with a crazy person. 

Andrew Baschnagel is living proof that nice guys don’t finish first. He’s had his eye on Katie since the moment her long legs waltzed into his art history class. So when her roommate sets Andy up to be Katie’s date, he’d be crazy to say no. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a lot of practice with either girls or parties. Yet.


After finishing THE YEAR WE HID AWAY, I just had to read BLONDE DATE immediately as I desperately needed to know how the blind date between Andy and Katie went.  We know from THE YEAR WE HID AWAY how it ended, but this takes us back to the start of the date, and can I just say swoon.  Katie has to attend a sorority event and she can’t go alone, she has to have a date.  But since her ex-boyfriend, Dash, betrayed and humiliated her, she’s very reluctant to go on a date with another guy, especially to an event where she knows her ex will be.  Only the endorsement from her roommate that Andy is absolutely not a jerk eases her nerves enough to continue on with the event.

My initial thoughts of Katie was that she was vapid and shallow, only interested in sleeping with and dating athletes from winning teams, preferably football players.  She would totally disregard guys from sport teams that didn’t perform well.  But during her date with Andy, a basketball player for the team that’s lost more games than they’ve won, she comes to realise that her previous choices only drew the attention of jerks, and she’s forced to look at her life and behaviour a little more closely.

Andy.  Oh Andy, you are just so goddamn sweet.  He really is a nice guy and he treats Katie with so much respect.  He’s funny, sweet, kind, sweet and thoughtful.  Did I mention he was sweet?  Sensing her discomfort at the party, he finally gets Katie to tell him what Dash did, and he’s outraged on her behalf when he hears what happened.  When the time is right, he stands up to Dash for her, but what I liked most was that he didn’t do it in front of her, but rather waited until he and Dash were alone.  He didn’t do it just to impress her, he did it because it was the right and honourable thing to do.

“That hurts, right?  When you think you’ve signed up for a simple game of one-on-one, but then it turns out that someone else had different plans for you?”

BLONDE DATE is told in dual POVs, with the epilogue surprisingly being told in Dash’s POV.  I really hated Dash for what he did, and he certainly has no excuse for why he did it, but I’ll admit that by the end of the epilogue I actually felt sorry for him.  He liked Katie very much but just didn’t know how to act with her.  I’d be very interested to see if he ends up with his own book because I can really imagine a redemption themed book just for him.

Blonde Date (The Ivy Years # 2.5)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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