Blindsided (By His Game # 1)

By Emma Hart

BR Blindsided

Leah Veronica is the daughter of Hollywood’s sweetheart, Grace Veronica.  Leah’s dream is to become a famous fashion designer on her own merit, without riding on her mother’s coattails.  Her designer name is Lea V. and is the world’s most obvious secret.

Corey Jackson is the LA Vipers star quarterback and son of a quarterback legend.  His two greatest loves are the game and women, and he loves the fact that woman flock to him because of his name, his job or his money.

I was looking forward to reading this book, but in the end I felt really let down by it.  I guess you could say I was Blindsided by how bad the book really was.  Their relationship starts out as one big game, seeing which one can outplay the other.  When the relationship starts to get serious, Leah is just waiting for the relationship to end, which is not a healthy way to be thinking.  Their interactions and conversations were boring and failed to hold my attention.  Leah is 22 and Corey is 24, but they seemed so much younger than that.  Honestly, they sounded like they were in high school.

It’s rare that I don’t like the main characters, but in this case both characters annoyed the hell out of me.  Leah shuns fame and the Hollywood lifestyle, yet she lives at home with her mother and lives quite lavishly for someone who doesn’t have a job.  It’s not actually mentioned if she gets an income from her designs so I’m assuming she lives off her mother’s wealth, which is ironic given that her mother’s wealth is made from the lifestyle she shuns so publicly.

Corey initially looks at Leah as nothing more than a conquest, simply because she said “no” to him.  All he wants is to just get her out of his system.  He hassles her relentless and even tells her that all he wants is to fuck her.  She comes to the conclusion that if she just gives in to him, if she gives him what he wants, he’ll then leave her alone.  Um, rape-y much???  His inner monologue says stuff like “Her body belongs to me until I decide otherwise.” and “Leah Veronica belongs to me.  And she will until I tell her that she doesn’t.”.  I think the author was trying to make him sound like a dominant, an alpha, but instead he comes off as sounding like an absolute pig.  And then while he’s trying to snag her, he complains that he’s fed up with the back-and-forth.  Then leave her the fuck alone!!!

Both are extremely arrogant.  Corey, because he’s the son of a quarterback legend, is a star quarterback himself, is rich and attractive.  Leah because she says she doesn’t want to date him because what if he discovers that she’s the new chick in the fashion world with the most anticipated new line at New York Fashion Week?  This pair are a perfect match for each other with their games and their arrogance.

Towards the end, I was skipping paragraphs just so I could finish.  Pages and pages were spent with Leah’s inner monologue talking about love and how bad and wonderful it is.  I don’t mind swearing, but I found it a bit much in this book, and often used at inappropriate times and in unrealistic ways.  There’s also quite a bit of sentence duplication.  I pre-ordered my copy so I’m hoping that issue has since been resolved.  Sadly, this book was so bad I will not even consider trying the other books from this series.

Blindsided (By His Game # 1)

My Rating:  1 Heart

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