By Juliet Braddock


A tragic accident in the middle of an immobilizing blizzard joins Gavin Fletcher and Chloe Cabot, uniting two tarnished souls on a life-changing journey that defies the odds of their haunting pasts.

Beautiful and imaginative, Chloe struggles to survive the daily grind of life in Chicago. An artist who never dared to explore her dreams, she takes pride in her independence and fends for herself at all costs.

A young advertising executive who’s rising fast within the industry, Gavin has built an ordered and precise life, but he’s much more lonesome than he’ll ever admit.

Both exist in worlds veiled in secrecy.

On the surface, Gavin’s life exudes perfection. He’s building his own thriving business, but beneath that slick exterior, he’s hiding the truth about his enigmatic lifestyle.

Chloe, on the other hand, has been dealt a rough hand in life. As details of her heart-wrenching past emerge, she fears she might lose Gavin for good.

Together, though, they discover solace in each other’s arms. While Chloe blossoms as Gavin’s submissive under his tough but tender tutelage, she wonders if he might just be the one to break the façade of fear that surrounded her heart.

Just as emotion transforms Gavin and Chloe from reluctant strangers into unlikely but enduring lovers, heartbreak strikes their relationship again, forcing an unforeseen reversal of roles.


Firstly, I love the cover of Blemished and it fits with this story.

I loved the beginning when Chloe and Gavin first meet and he provides her a safe haven.  Gavin cares for Chloe but also opens her heart to passionate possibilities.  This part of the story I loved and then following their building sexual chemistry was fantastic.  I loved seeing Gavin help Chloe recover and start to build her future with her artistic aspirations.

Blemished’s flow slowed for me during the middle and I found myself pushing through. Gavin to me lost some of his edginess and it felt bogged down.  Surprised is an understatement with the turn of events for Gavin after the Island holiday.  To be truthful I actually did not like this part of the story and also I have to mention the turtles annoyed me somewhat.

Chloe, I loved from the first chapter to the last, she had such strength and her personal story was tragic but inspiring.  I really did think her past would provide a more suspenseful outcome than what it did, it kind of fizzled out for me.  I found the whole scene in Gavin’s office lacking somewhat.  Chloe to me owned this story, she made me want to turn those pages when I felt let down by Gavin.

In conclusion, loved the ending, it brought me back into the love story of Chloe and Gavin,  I felt hopefulness for this couple.

Quote:  “We’re all blemished in some way” “Gives us character. Makes us human”


My Rating:  

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