Billionaire With A Twist # 1

By Lila Monroe

BR Billionaire with a twist 1


Billionaire Hunter Knox comes straight up – with a side of trouble. 

Heir to a bourbon fortune, he’s hired my ad agency to save his family business. It’s my chance to win a star client and prove I can play with the big boys, until my one-night stand comes back to haunt me like the ultimate hangover. 

Now I have to think up a killer campaign, and keep from falling into bed with Hunter again. Which is easier said than done when he’s the most handsome, arrogant, downright sexiest man 
I’ve ever met. 

I’m going to need another drink.


Ally is researching a potential client’s product when she spots Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome at the bar.  Sparks fly and they embark on a one-night-stand…well almost.  She got off but he didn’t get a chance to before he was called away.  When she learns the next day that her almost-one-night-stand is none other than Hunter Knox, CEO of Knox Liquors and her potential client, to say she’s embarrassed would be an understatement.  But as much as they want each other, she has too much riding on this campaign and won’t risk having her colleagues accusing her of sleeping her way to the top, so she lets him go.

BILLIONAIRE WITH A TWIST # 1 is the first part of a three-part serial novella.  I devoured it in one sitting and given the cliffhanger, I was so relieved to see that book 2 was already available.  Ally and Hunter are very likeable characters and you can’t help but get emotionally involved while reading about their personal and professional problems.  This is a couple you’ll want to see succeed, because they deserve it.

Billionaire With A Twist # 1

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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