Between Heaven and Hell

By Erin Trejo



Cordae “Demon” Vitale.
People feared me. They respected me.
I was the Boss of the Vitale family at twenty-two.
One of the youngest in history.
I ran my business exceptionally.
My emotions were never part of this life.
Ava made me realize that there was more to life than what I had.
She pushed me to limits I didn’t think I could go to.
At the end of the day, I was forced between heaven and hell.
Much like the rest of my life, I was teetering on that fine line in between.

Losing something that means a lot to you, can change a person.
It changed me.
I will travel to the ends of the earth to get back that one thing that meant the most to me.
I will destroy everyone in my path to make that happen.


Heaven and Hell, Cord and Ava are light and dark. I really enjoyed the Mafia story however I did find part 1 of this jumped quickly and I did not overly feel their connection, physically yes but not emotionally. Sections of this story were not fully explained, Ava’s parents, Daniel being warned off, why did he do that and then not monitor her if he was interested and then to just happen upon her at the clinic. He then says he knows all about her?

I easily followed Ava and her emotional connection to Amelia but with Cord I did not and then with the ending of part 1, his actions did not make sense because I had not believed he even barely interacted with Amelia for him to feel his loss and heartbreak, I can understand the anger but that was because he was the boss and he was taken by surprise.

Now onto Park 2 – this is where the story just blew it out of the park, I thought the pacing action of the underlying Mafia story was perfect and then it was like a light was switched on and I could understand and feel Cord through the writing, I just wish this had happened in Park 1, although Amelia’s part was sad it did not overly upset me as she was really barely in the story line apart from a few odd paragraphs. It would have been better to see more regular interactions between those two characters to see a build-up of affection and acceptance with each other to then understand the devastation. I know I keep harping on about Amelia but I do believe she was a pivotal  character to Cord’s make up as a man and his emotional wellbeing and it was the start of him unravelling his cold demeanour and perhaps dreaming of having a family and being worthy of love.

I was surprised and excited with the new character in part 2 in Italy, however again would have loved to have seen a more detailed conversation between Cord and Ava on those lost years – I wanted to know more!

The sex scenes between Cord and Ava were very enjoyable. Ava was just a lovely character, I also would have liked to have known more about her family in part 1 as it was just fast forwarded over her and also perhaps a couple of chapters on her relationship with Gambino would have tied things together. I would have liked to have seen Daniel and Cord early on having that conversation where Cord told him to never see Ava again instead of just hearing it second hand from Cord in a conversation with one of his men. Was Daniel with Ava because her father was the Mayor? Was there a gentleman’s agreement to date his daughter? Her mother too, never saw her then she was another storyline?

I am wondering whether this would have flowed better with perhaps Ava having some POV chapters at critical moments in their relationship – particularly in Italy, with Amelia, her own family and also Daniel.

An enjoyable Mafia story, I really did love these two main characters and Cord definitely had moments of pure darkness then Ava would show him the light and give him hope.

Favourite Quote:  “It means my beautiful girl.” Ava smiles and the rest of the world ceases  to exist. In this moment, she is the girl that brought light into my soul.

Between Heaven and Hell

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