Beyond What Is Given (Flight & Glory # 3)

By Rebecca Yarros

BR Beyond What Is Given


Be careful what you wish for…

Lt. Grayson Masters is focused on graduating the Apache helicopter course, and the last thing he needs is his gorgeous new roommate Samantha Fitzgerald distracting him. While her smart mouth and free spirit are irresistibly irritating, he can’t deny their off-the-charts chemistry, no matter how hard he tries. 

Having just been expelled from college, Sam has no business digging for Grayson’s secrets while she’s hiding her own, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to tear down his walls. Each barrier she busts through drops one of her own, though, and she’s not prepared for the truth: another woman laid claim to Grayson’s heart long ago. 

Falling in love is something neither Grayson nor Sam can afford, and when that line is crossed and secrets are exposed, they’ll learn that sometimes it’s the answered prayers that will put you through hell.


We met Grayson in EYES TURNED SKYWARD and for a man who didn’t talk much, I wasn’t sure how his story was going to go.  Clearly he just needed the right woman to talk to.  Grayson is your typical strong and silent type of guy, weighed down by years of guilt and grief until Samantha falls into his lap, almost literally.  Against his will, she reawakens his playful side and helps him to live in the now instead of the past he’s been trapped in.  But that little injection of happiness into his life leaves him very conflicted and even more guilt-ridden.  Oh how my heart broke for Grayson, who was so loyal, faithful, hardworking and kind.  Oh, and he’s built, but that’s just a bonus.

“There are broken people in the world, Samantha.  But you’re not one of them.  Dinged-up maybe, but not broken, and definitely not beyond repair.”

Sam is December’s friend from FULL MEASURES who made one little, but monumentally stupid mistake that has seen her expelled from college and unable to gain entry into every other college she’s applied to since.  She may be down but she’s not out, and with Grayson’s advice running through her head she pulls up her big girl panties and takes her life back.  I loved Sam because she was genuine, funny, can kick ass when she needs to and she truly understands the meaning of self-sacrifice.

Holy shit.  What did this guy do?  Bench cows before breakfast and then eat them?

I really do love a book that keeps me reading until after 1.00 am and BEYOND WHAT IS GIVEN is another great read from Rebecca Yarros.  You can’t help but get sucked into her characters and their lives.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll want to reach into your book or e-reader and slap the shit out of people for being cruel to the characters you love.  BEYOND WHAT IS GIVEN is
book # 3 of the Flight & Glory series but it can be read as a stand-alone.  However, if you haven’t read any of Rebecca’s books before, I recommend reading her series from the start.  You won’t regret it.

Beyond What Is Given (Flight & Glory # 3)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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