Beyond Control

by Karice Bolton


I am really not sure where to start with this, did I love it – No but did I hate it – No.  I did enjoy this read as only took me few days and some parts did get me emotional but it just was lacking something and I cannot put my finger on it.

It had the punch in the heart moment (I picked this way too early – had the hunch and it kept leading that way) which I will not give away but I kind of felt it was rushed at that point so I am thinking that could be it. They have this big misunderstanding, we lose a few weeks and then they get back together, I wanted to know where he stood in all that and also what changed her dad’s expectations of her.

It is a love story between Gabby and Jason.  Gabby’s long lost brother who disappeared 10 years ago suddenly reappears at a charity auction, who just happens to custom build motorcycles with Jason and Gabby’s dad just happened to order one for Gabby.  There is lots of family drama and some touching emotional scenes and the sex scenes are good but not hot under the collar.

Now the premise for book 2 is introduced and centres around her friend and her brother and I must say I am intrigued but not enough to go on and buy it.  I did however read the exerts from her other books at the back of this one and there is one I am going to buy which is called “Hidden Sins” as I started reading and it was like WOW!  I will not give up on this author as I think she will have something I will like.

My rating: