Beneath Him

By Komal Kant

Sexy young couple

Where do I start with Beneath Him?

This cover caught my eye.  The black and white image with the only colour being the woman’s nails and the author’s name look amazing.  The intimacy of their connected hands really drew me in.  I read the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting, but if I’m being completely honest, I picked this book mainly because of the cover.  There, I said it.  I’m sure somewhere that’s considered a sin.

Sky and Nick meet (in not so favourable circumstances) in a coffee shop.  After telling Nick off for being rude, she runs into him again at her new job as the live-in nanny for his family.  What starts out as a hate-hate relationship between the pair quickly becomes a love-hate relationship.

During the book, Nick’s friends let slip that Nick is the way he is because of a terrible secret.  A secret so bad it changed him into the womanising whore he is today.  The secret wasn’t that hard to guess.  Sky’s reaction to finding out the truth was expected, but her argument that he should have told her earlier doesn’t make sense.  The pair had a turbulent relationship over the past few weeks and had only just been intimate for the first time when he’s forced to come clean.  When exactly was he supposed to tell her?

Nick’s mother is a total bitch from the get-go.  She apologises to Sky after the big reveal and explains her behaviour was because of how Nick was changing around Sky, but that can’t be the case because she was a bitch to Sky from the minute she walked in the door, before she saw her interacting with Nick.  And Nick was changing for the better, so who wouldn’t want that for their son?

So initially I was really into the book and stayed up a couple of hours later than I should have because I couldn’t put it down.  Getting back into it the next day is where it went downhill for me as I felt like I was reading the same argument over and over again.  How many times can two people say mean things to one another, make up (sort of), only to say mean things to one another again, and so on and so forth?

While the story was a little wishy-washy for me, Komal’s writing was very good and I only noticed a couple of spelling errors.  I liked how she provided POVs for both Sky and Nick and that each POV was labeled and easily identifiable.  I’ve read some books where the POV changes with no notice, sometimes three times in a single paragraph, which makes the story very hard to follow.

In the acknowledgements, Komal explains that this was one of her oldest stories, written when she was in high school.  After reading that, the story made more sense.  It did have that young-adult vibe and a very healthy dose of boy drama that I’m sure most older aged teens would love to read.  Although, Nick & Sky’s one and only fuck scene (it can’t be called anything else) felt a little too rough given it was the first time they were together and he knew he was in love and she was special.  While I have no problem with rough play, his roughness was something I’d expect from a man who has been in a relationship with his woman for some time.

If this was her level of writing 10 years ago, I’d be very interested in reading what she’s written since.

My rating:

3 Hearts

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