Beautiful Redemption

By Jamie McGuire

beautiful redemption

Jamie McGuire and her Maddox men I absolutely love, I first fell in love with Travis and Abby, I mean who didn’t and I loved reading both Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster.

I adored Thomas (TJ) in Beautiful Oblivion so I admit I was really looking forward to this story being his chance to fall in love.  I wanted so much more for him and was really sad at the start of this book that he was a shattered man.

I have to admit I did not really devour the first half of the book as I found it took the two main characters a really long time to connect.  I also felt slightly let down at the end of the book that they literally just admitted they loved and needed each and then the dam book ends.  We took forever to get there and then bam – all finished – I wanted more sex scenes, romance and emotions.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading this but found it was more about the whole FBI unit, the case for Travis & Abby and then also the endless yes or no between Thomas and Liis just wore me down a bit.  Both Liis and Thomas had so many hang ups about falling in love again and Liis just could not get over TJ loving Camille, I mean by the wedding weekend I was over it.  We all love someone else before we find the one – Liis just grated me the wrong way.

Just not enough sex and romance but had to read it as hooked on the Maddox family as a whole.

Beautiful Redemption

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