Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1)

By Emily Minton


Beautiful Outlaw is going into my “to be read over and over” list, I will be adding it to my other all time favourite Biker Series by Madeline Sheehan (Undeniable Series).  The next book better start off where book 1 ended, that phone call in the last chapter freaks me out big time and left me wondering WTF.

What set this book apart from all the other biker novels I have read is that it was interesting for a biker story to not really centre entirely around the club however we do meet most of the main players.  There is a biker situation to resolve, I recall she only sleeps there a few nights, it is more about the families, the biker club merely provides the backdrop and some of the obviously alpha scenarios and mannerisms.   I think I was so involved in Shay’s story that the biker issues were a means to an end in order to see Shay find her peace and place in life.

I loved Bowie and Shay (aka Laura), they were both really strong characters, the base storyline was brilliant in how it brought the past and present crashing together, powerful emotions from the characters.

Not to give anything away but there is quite a bit of suspense and mystery, great sexual tension and can I say hot alpha sex.  I do love how Shay reinvents herself after the traumatic 10 years she had endured and turns her life around.  I also appreciated the Epilogues to have a bit of closure and see where Bowie and Shay ended up – fantastic that there was an Epilogue from Shay and then one from Bowie.

Obviously the next few books will probably involve more of the MC club which I am looking forward to, we were introduced to the main members so will be great to read more about them as some were real characters.

Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #2)

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