The Beast of Aubyn Hall (Bookworms & Alphas #2)

By Alex L Michaels


Meet Bookworms & Alphas!
Where men like to give orders, but women don’t like to listen.

The man they call the beast, sworn off love, meets the bookish beauty who thinks that love exists only in books.

When Bronte Beltran finds out that her next assignment is cataloging the famous Aubyn Hall library, she’s ecstatic. But when she finds out they call the owner the Beast of Aubyn Hall, not so much. A week in a dusty library should be right up her alley. But a wrong word at the wrong time and she might just find out what exactly is beastly about the Beast of Aubyn Hall.

Note from the author:
The Beast of Aubyn Hall is the second book in the series Bookworms & Alphas!
Each book is a standalone and can be read separately, although it’s recommended that the books are read in a suggested reading order. 


The Beast to Aubyn Hall is a slow burn with plenty of angst, drama and also surprisingly humour.  The story concept drew me in as I love a book nerd girl finding her true love with an alpha male.

Bronte is a great character whom I immediately connected with and followed her journey through the two weeks she spends at Aubyn Hall.  This is a slow build up and I admit by the end I was as sexually frustrated as both Bronte and Cain.

Cain was hard to connect for me, I found him so gruff and abrupt and also his actions gave me whiplash.  One minute all alpha and the next he was like a sulking child which put me off a little.

Now a character I really loved was Magnussen his best friend, he actually softened Cain’s edges and allowed me to forgive his actions.  He actually made Cain accountable and gave him the emotional support and enabled me to learn more and become attached to Cain.

Bronte’s work friends were strange, I actually thought they were not overly nice to her and I second guessed if they would have her back or not.  They did provide humour again at moments to offset the burning sexual tension.

Now the ending, I loved how we finally find out how and why Bronte was chosen to work on his library. That moment actually brought tears to my eyes.  I actually would have loved more emotion like that between Cain and Bronte but then in hindsight, they were both very careful with their emotional feelings.

Quote:  I have set my mind on you … and I’m keeping you

The Beast of Aubyn Hall (Bookworms & Alphas #2)

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