Beach Wedding

By Bella Cruise

BR Beach Wedding


Three weeks. One quirky small-town. The wedding of the year. What could go wrong?

Big-city wedding planner Ginny Austen has landed the job of a lifetime. Her new celebrity clients want a smash hit TV wedding, and they’ve got their hearts set on a quirky home-town wedding. Her home-town: Pelican Key Cove, Florida.

Ginny hasn’t been home since she high-tailed out of town the night before her high-school graduation with nothing but a vintage pink Camaro and a broken heart. She’s spent years building a life of her own, but now she’s got just three weeks to face her past and put together a dream wedding — in a town that makes ‘eccentric’ its middle name. 

Ginny may be determined to stay professional, but the inhabitants of Pelican Cove have other ideas. And between her crazy aunts, a TV producer who puts Macciaveli to shame, and a downright sexy former flame, nothing about this wedding is going to plan. Can she pull off the big day with her sanity – and heart – intact? Or will her reputation go down in flames — on national TV?


Please Note:  This has since been republished as SPARKS FLY.

I have to start off by saying that I absolutely love the cover for BEACH WEDDING.  It’s so bright and colourful and a perfect compliment to the story inside.  Ginny has just been handed the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to plan the wedding for reality TV stars Pixie and Clyde.  There’s just a slight catch, they want somewhere off the beaten track and think Ginny’s home town of Pelican Key Cove is the perfect location for not just the wedding but to film their upcoming season too.  The only problem is that Ginny hasn’t been home since she left ten years earlier, driving away in the middle of the night and leaving her family, friends and boyfriend behind without ever looking back.  But this opportunity is too good to pass up despite the risk of seeing her ex, Luke, again.  It’s quickly apparent that time doesn’t heal all wounds when she finally comes face to face with him again.

I really enjoyed this story and all it’s characters.  Ginny and Luke are obviously the main characters, but every other character helped make this book what it is without overloading it.  BEACH WEDDING is a second chance romance filled with awkward moments, embarrassing situations and humour.  Lots and lots of humour.  The sex is skipped over, so if you’re expecting something raunchy and juicy, you won’t find it here.  But you will find a nice book with a cute story, quirky characters, hilarious happenings and most importantly a HEA.

Ginny:  “We’re going to walk right up to the line of tacky, stare it in the face, and then throw some glitter at it.”

Beach Wedding

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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