Bad Blood (Royal Blood #2)

By Amity Cross

bad blood

I loved how we started right where we ended with Royal Blood #1, Mercy and X escaping for their lives.

Where I felt in book one that I did not get all that was X, #2 does not disappoint, we get more history and definitely more of what makes these two characters tick.  Mercy is still on her mission and X is helping prepare her and of course we are involved in some very intense, erotic and forceful sex scenes.

What I found during this read was both characters in their ways are being healed by each other just that little bit more, allowing Mercy to find her revenge and X to find freedom of choice and to travel back from the darkness with each other.

They are admitting their feelings for each other and some sexual scenes you could feel more emotion.  The scenes around the cabin are some of my favourite of the book.  I found the ending chapters around Paris really rushed as we took forever to get there and then boom!

I hope in Royal Blood #3 we find out more answers to X and his dreams as those are such intense flashbacks and I find myself wanting to know who truly X is.

Bad Blood (Royal Blood #2)

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