Battle Of The Sexes

By Adriana Locke


Carver Jones’ partner at Jones + Gallum had to step down for medical reasons. He’s absolutely devastated. He swears. Just ignore his cheeky grin, okay?

When word reaches his fancy corner office that Gallum is replacing himself with his daughter, Amity, Carver is ecstatic. 

For real this time. 

Jones squashes men in the business industry flat. A woman? Pfst. He’ll be completely in charge in no time, doing whatever he wants. He’s so ready for this. 

But is he ready to fight the hardest fight of his life? No, not the one to maintain control of his company. The one to keep control of his heart.

The battle may begin in the boardroom, but the war will definitely be won in the bedroom. May the best sex win.


BATTLE OF THE SEXES was a quick and lighthearted read about two ex-childhood friends, thrown back into each others lives and forced to compete for the same CEO position in their families business.

It took me a while to warm up to Carver, mostly because the sexual innuendos he laid on Amity at the beginning were laid on way too thick.  Can you say “Sexual Harrassment”?  That being said, he has very fond memories of Amity and you could tell that despite a few idiotic choices, he genuinely liked her…then and now.  I liked Amity’s tenacity and that she gave as good as she got from Carver.  I also liked how she had to guts to tell Carver exactly how that one night all those years ago affected her, and still affects her to this day.  Don’t worry, she’s not a “woe is me/I’ve never been able to love” person; she’s too strong for that.

Overall, I enjoyed this story, though I will say that I was disappointed with how the battle for the CEO role was won.  Yes, it was sweet and I could understand the reason behind it, but I was disappointed nonetheless.  BATTLE OF THE SEXES is told in dual POVs and at this time, it appears to be a stand-alone.  It’s also a novella, so it’s a fairly quick read.  From memory, we see a bit of foreplay but no sex, so if you’re looking for a read that’s steamy, you won’t find it here.  But if you’re after an ex-friends-to-lovers story with witty banter and a HEA, this one is for you.

Battle Of The Sexes

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