Barely Yours

By Charlotte Eve



This is strictly professional … right?

William – I’m a serious businessman. A devoted father. And right now I’m at breaking point. I’m all my daughter has in the world, since her mother was so cruelly taken from us – just three years ago. I thought I didn’t want Tabitha raised by a nanny. But then I met Chrissie – young, passionate, and full of life. She captured Tabby’s heart in an instant, but now I must be on my guard. Because it seems like she’s melting mine, too …

Chrissie – Whoa! I did not expect the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen in my life to offer me a job looking after his daughter. My new boss is a real English gentleman: charming and handsome. But there’s something cold about him, too. What happened to make him so distant, so reserved? And how the hell do I stay professional, now that I’m starting to develop feelings for him?

Please note: this book ends on a cliffhanger.


BARELY YOURS is the story of William, a thirty year old English single dad to his adorable daughter, and Chrissie, a twenty-two year old U.S. college student living in London on a twelve month work visa.

I liked William, who truly loves his daughter, but at times he was a bit hard to take.  He would lead Chrissie on and then slam on the brakes, leaving her hurt and confused in the process.  But when he finally realised what the problem was, he admitted it, he accepted it and he was ready to move on and give all he had to Chrissie.  I liked Chrissie too, mostly because I thought she acted her age.  She’s a young woman who’s smart and loving, and she has a good head on her shoulders.  That being said, the ending is all her fault because she makes a rash decision without thinking.  If she were a thirty year old woman behaving that way, this review would not be so kind.  But because she’s only twenty-two and, in what I assume is her first real relationship, I can forgive her stupidity.

BARELY YOURS is told in dual POVs and is the first book in a trilogy about this couple.  I must warn you, it does end in a cliffhanger, which I didn’t realise until the story ended on said cliffhanger at the 87% mark.  Clearly I need to read the ENTIRE blurb before starting on a book, only so I know what I’m getting myself into.  That being said, I enjoyed the story and I would read the next book, but I may wait until all three books have been released.  The story will continue in NEARLY YOURS, but I don’t have a release date on that one at the time of this review.

Barely Yours

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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